Another short rant for you…

Dave Butler – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

It would be rude of us not to acknowledge the enormous contribution of the PR experts, who furnished us with the precision talking points to relentlessly repeat, during the pandemic.

To highlight their genius, let us remember just two of their best.
When it was clear to Sweden that the Covid horse had already bolted and it was futile to pretend to contain an endemic infection, we were given 3 words to chant in retort: “let it RIP”.
R.I.P. Rest in peace. This inference of death was also ascribed to the carefully considered recommendations of the savvy authors and thousands of expert signatories of The Great Barrington Declaration. Had their plan been implemented, we would have been spared much of the harm, misery, debt and destruction that continues to stem from the global Covid interventions.

The second phrase was launched about a year later, when the appointed expert shills, who give our governments their marching orders, suddenly prescribed the identical policy to “let it rip”. This time, we were told to parrot “Learn to LIVE with it”. Yes, the subconscious connotation with dying was neatly replaced with living. Not very subtle, but how many people spotted it?

Apologies for explaining the punchline, and spoiling the joke; but we really aught to be more appreciative of the dedication and effort that it is invested in dictating the emotional reactions of the people.

Clearly, the public relations/propaganda/advertising industry understands that we get as easily hooked by our emotional reactions to subconscious allusions as we do to vivid images, such as puppies frolicking in the sunshine. We are inundated by visceral input and painstakingly steered away from rational decision making. This is because, back in reality, the cheap toilet paper does the same mundane task as the costly, happy-puppy one.

“Fool me once…”
Perhaps this verbal vaccination can stimulate some immunity!?