Bill Gates and the World Health Organization have prepared a ’10-year plan’ for ongoing pandemics: COVID-19 was ‘pandemic one.’

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  • Thousands of medical doctors and scientists now believe that the pandemic was planned and used to install a world dictatorship.
  • The World Health Organization has planned for 10 years of infectious diseases from 2020 to 2030.
  • Bill Gates stated publicly in 2018 that a global pandemic was imminent, likely within the next decade, while Melinda Gates went so far as to state that an engineered virus in the coming years was humanity’s greatest threat.
  • Data from World Integrated Trade Solution shows data on COVID-19 test kits imported by different countries in 2017 and 2018. Numerous additional announcements occurred in the years and months leading up to 2020 that signaled a pandemic was coming.
  • A group of international lawyers, experts, and scientists is now trying to spread the word that the COVID-19 pandemic is a criminal operation intended to increase control and establish a world dictatorship.

(Mercola) – As the dust begins to settle from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easier to look back with clarity on the unprecedented events that have taken place over the last two years. Thousands of medical doctors and scientists now believe that the pandemic was planned and used to install a world dictatorship. Further, it’s unlikely to be the last.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in fact, has planned for ten years of infectious diseases from 2020 to 2030, as revealed by WHO virologist Marion Koopmans in “The Plan,” featured above. When asked whether chances are high that there will be a second pandemic, she responds (translated from Dutch), “Yes, this has been in the WHO’s 10-year plan for some time. That plan says that there will be a major infectious disease crisis. Well, this was year one.”

How could they know that an infectious disease crisis is imminent in the next decade? A series of shocking evidence reveals that this may have been the plan all along – a plan that hasn’t been hidden.

On the contrary, it’s been stated openly for years that a pandemic was coming, setting the stage for widespread acceptance and compliance around the globe.

Proof the pandemic was planned?

The WHO virologist’s acknowledgement that the agency has had a plan for ten years of ongoing pandemics mirrors a statement by Bill Gates that COVID-19 was “pandemic one” and that “pandemic two” is coming.

“We’ll have to prepare for the next one. That will get attention this time,” he said – while smiling.

It’s important to understand that Bill Gates is WHO’s number-one funder, contributing more to WHO’s $4.84 billion biennial budget than any member-state government, via multiple avenues including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as GAVI [Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization], which was founded by the Gates Foundation in partnership with WHO, the World Bank, and various vaccine manufacturers.

In short, Bill Gates is essentially the owner of WHO, and WHO’s 10-year pandemic plan is also Gates’ plan. As noted by Stop World Control:

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