Vaccine Injured Irish citizen says “Stephen Donnelly has still not responded to my emails about my adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine and the lack of medical care, diagnostic support and treatment”

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Dear Liberal,

I’m a person who immediately experienced a serious and long lasting adverse reaction from the Covid-19 vaccine. If you listened to the Irish mainstream media, you would think people like me don’t exist. I’ve struggled for almost a year with adverse side effects which were severe enough that I could not work. I also struggled to receive medical care and diagnosis. The public healthcare system was all but useless whilst the private healthcare system had very long waiting lists. I still suffer from adverse reactions today.

In September 2021, I wrote to Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly asking if there was an aftercare plan in place for those like me suffering vaccine adverse reactions. I asked how I could access such a scheme so I can get a proper diagnosis and treatment to get my life back to some form of normality.

EIGHT MONTHS after sending the email to Stephen Donnelly, I’m still waiting for a response from him or his department. I have received a standard automatic response but no specific answers to my simple and important questions.

I sent a follow-up email and I again, received another automated response.

Please ask your readers about their adverse reactions after the Covid vaccine and their experiences about aftercare and diagnostic systems. I’d be interested to here other stories from those injured by the Covid Vaccine in Ireland and the “care” received from the health service and Health Minister.

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