By Bosco (Irish Sentinel Contributor) –

In Ireland we often hear about the role of the diaspora, and Irish-America in particular, and how it can be a great resource to benefit the old country. Sadly, this isn’t true. If anything, Irish America is exacerbating the demise of Irish culture with their continual interference through the establishment, funding, and support of NGOs within Ireland. The NGO sector in Ireland is a trojan horse, a collection of malignant far left progressive actors operating under the colour of some ostensible benevolence, but whose influencing effect on wider society has become increasingly detrimental for the survival of the Irish nation.

To understand Irish-America one must understand the American political agenda because, despite what is touted by Irish Americans, their priority is not Ireland but the advancement of the United States. A decent look into the nature of the American political agenda is the work of John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and the co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago. Recently Mearsheimer delivered the Henry L. Stimson Lectures on World Affairs at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Centre for International and Area Studies at Yale and gave a fascinating account of what drives American foreign policy. This is important for Irish nationalists to understand because what drives American foreign policy drives Irish American attitudes to Ireland. To reiterate, Irish American cares about America only and their interference with Ireland is a component of the wider foreign policy attitude towards the rest of the world

Mearsheimer presented his views during a series of lectures where he discussed the contents of his classic work, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics (Norton, 2001) and the impact of liberal democracy on the US and the globe. During the talks Mearsheimer also dissected the American foreign policy establishment’s primary objective since the end of the Cold War; the pursuit of an agenda of “liberal hegemony.” The integral motivation behind US foreign policy, Mearsheimer said, was the fact that America had “quickly became consumed in spreading liberal democracy across the globe.”

The “roots” of liberalism, said Mearsheimer, originates from two principal questions, posed through the questions; “Are people social beings or does it make more sense to emphasize their individuality? And” have our critical faculties developed to the point that we can have universal consensus on the good life?”

According to Mearsheimer, liberals posit the notion that “humans are atomistic individuals, and it is impossible to come close to reaching a universal consensus on questions about the good life,”. The founding assumptions of liberalism, Mearsheimer articulates, when understood together “have a potential for disagreement that can be so profound as to lead to violence.”

Mearsheimer captures the quintessential contradiction within the liberal mindset first identifying that “The liberal solution to this destructive potential; was to combine inalienable rights for each individual, tolerance toward other versions of the good life, and the night-watchman state to preserve order.” However, to achieve this utopian focus on the individual “turned liberalism into a universalist ideology.” In essence, to achieve liberalism around the globe one must first deny the autonomy of others by its very imposition from outside, on those inside who reject the ideology. Liberals, who seek a regime of individualism need to override individual freedoms to achieve the individualistic regime in the first place.

Mearsheimer maintains that the liberal project within the USA operates because “The Democrats and the Republicans are both committed to positive rights and social engineering.” Mearsheimer then acknowledges the problems that arise from this ideology at the domestic level because “it doesn’t take too long to believe that you can engage in social engineering abroad as well,” he says.

The US, while acknowledging the existence of rival hegemons with China and the re-emergence of Russia, seeks to re-establish its influence of dominance as the pre-eminent hegemon, at least in the Western hemisphere, if not across the world. Some commentators, especially the delusional types in Ireland and Europe believe that a strong EU could impinge upon the unipolarity of American exceptionalism by becoming a hegemon itself. The idea that the European Union offers any resistance to the dominance of United States belies the fact that the EU is nothing but a puppet of the US government. The EU’s very existence is the result of American acquiescence. Any attempt for the EU to breakaway and act as a genuine power broker in the world would be strongly opposed by Washington. We know this for several reasons. The US inspired Marshall plan effectively rebuilt war-torn Europe and put in place strictures that would stifle any genuine European independence from the USA. Also, albeit anecdotally, the current culture, a consequence of decades of US inculcation, is nothing more than the ape of the USA. From its culture of crass consumerism to franchising, the US has colonised the European continent geographically at least as far east as the Ukraine and seeks to go further.

In Ireland, we have seen the cultural damage waged on Irish culture by American industries whose large wallets appeal to corrupt Irish politicians and media personnel. The successive arrival of big tech is effectively the arrival of American big tech. The power these corporations wield over Irish public representatives is nothing less than a coup but by stealth.

The Irish media acts nothing more than as a mouthpiece for American liberal democracy. Any resistance to the American worldview is singularly annihilated through cultural indoctrination.

Mearsheimer argues that Liberal hegemony is characterized “by a foreign policy that emphasizes the spreading of liberal democracy,” and this tendency manifests itself for three reasons. “One, to protect human rights across the world. Two, to cause international peace. And three, to protect liberalism at home,” he outlined.

Mearsheimer points out that the emphasis on inalienable rights of the individual leads to the conclusion that “non-liberal governments are in a state of aggression against their own people.” The underlining impetus, according to Mearsheimer, is that the policy makers in Washington conject that “The best way to protect rights is to populate the planet with liberal democracies”. Once a country becomes a liberal democracy, individual rights are protected, or so the mantra assumes.

Mearsheimer to his credit acknowledges that the “false promise” of liberal hegemony is evident in the propensity of the United States to engage in social engineering on a global scale since the end of the Cold War. “Social engineering is at the heart of modern liberalism,” Mearsheimer said. “When you put the distribution of power, this liberal DNA, and the belief in social engineering, you’re off to the races.” Liberal hegemony leads to a “super ambitious and heavily militarized foreign policy,” Mearsheimer continued.

For Mearsheimer, both NATO expansion and the Bush Doctrine (which refers to multiple interrelated foreign policy principles sponsored by the George W Bush presidency which include unilateralism and the use of pre-emptive war) were driven by a liberal logic of democratization across the globe. “Of course, it all crashed and burned. I can think of no case in the history of the United States where we pursued a foreign policy as ambitious and foolish as this,” concluded Mearsheimer

The bulwark however, that works against liberal hegemony Mearsheimer concedes is the power of nationalism. For Mearsheimer, “the ideological force of nationalism makes conquest really hard,” because nationalism trumps the lofty universalist ideals of liberal hegemony.

The misadventure in Iraq, says Mearsheimer, was a misguided attempt to revive the Cold War domino theory, a theory which argued that a regime change in one country would set off a chain reaction in neighbouring countries. “We tried to do this in Iraq and then the rest of the Middle East. But the fate of the domino theory is that it’s a joke,” he said.

The successful domino effect in Europe however suggested to Washington, that such an agenda would be worth pursuing elsewhere around the globe.

Within a few generations, Europe’s population has been decimated through sustained and manipulated series of migrant crises. Moreover, the culture of Europe has been bombarded with US supported themes of individualism which manifested in foreseeable degeneracy and decay.

With programmes, often sourced back to the academes of the US or their European proteges, pursuing agendas of depopulation managed through series of polices aimed at undermining the vitality of the indigenous peoples of Europe from abortion to the sterile lifestyles of radical feminism and homosexuality, the threat of Europe was easily contained from within. We can learn from other impositions by US hegemony to pierce the veil that many Europeans fail to see through.

Take Afghanistan for example.

As soon as the Americans sought to impose their version of right governance on the people, feminism and degeneracy soon evolved.

Under the Taliban the practice of Bacha bazi, or ‘boy play’, an Afghan custom that involves boys as young as nine being forced to dress as women and to dance seductively for an audience of older men, was prohibited.

However, under the American regime the degenerate practice soon resurrected. The Americans knew only too well from experience, that the promotion of degeneracy within a culture ensured that the country would be easier to control. The Israelis have been piping porn into Palestine for the same corrosive purposes.

The same insidious modus operandi applies to mass immigration. The more heterogenous the country, the more internal distrust and comity exists. The more divisions in a street the more the people cannot focus on the corrupting parliament, or those manipulating the corrupting parliament from outside.

There are many candidates to call from to identify the elites who rule the world, but one that seems patently obvious is the US deep state and how its manacles have been imposed on cultures such as Ireland. Irish American plays a huge role in subverting the “old country” through various political channels as well as directly through NGO sponsorship. The domestic parties in Ireland from Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, the Greens, Sinn Fein/Mi5, SDLP, Labour, the smaller communist parties like the Social Democrats, Solidarity and People before Profit, are all in lockstep with the policies of the US deep state, why is that?

Photo opportunities exist a plenty that depict the sinister Clintons cosying up with the likes of Enda Kenny, Varadkar, Martin and McDonald and others. Barack Obama, a major architect of the new world order was feted by the Irish media as a messianic type of figure and so too most of the movers and shakers of liberal dominated Europe. Ireland has become nothing more than a franchise of the US deep state, where the ownership is blurred from the perspective of the Irish electorate, but an electorate subdued, bought, and paid for, who will welcome the tat the foreign owned franchise has to offer with open arms.

And what do Irish Americans think? The Irish Americans we are told “love the old country?” Yet most of them are wholly on board with destroying Irish culture. US Organisations like “ Friends of Sinn fein” etc are entirely complicit in the rape of Ireland. The culture, as any Irish nationalist can easily see has been annihilated within a generation so such an extent that the landscape of the country will be irreparably damaged within the space of a few years. So successful is the indoctrination upon the Irish people that many Irish “nationalists” still pay unwitting lip service to the propaganda successes of outside forces (the anti-Catholicism today is a creation of those intent on destroying the fabric of Ireland) such that they will still denounce other nationalists for stating the obvious.

Irish America, at least the corporate version, is no friend of Ireland and the Irish. While many of the diaspora remain steadfastly loyal to their motherland, they need to play their part and stop funding the organisations that seek to destroy our island. Decent Irish Americans need to drive these traitors within their own communities to the four quarters of the wind, denounce them publicly and contribute to the fight that will protect a culture that deserves to be defended.