“If we want to know what the future looks like, you can look at China and shiver”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Monday that China’s brutal new lockdown on the residents of Shanghai is providing leaders in the West a blueprint for how to control people in the future.

As we have highlighted, the latest restrictions have left the city on the brink of massive civil unrest. Children are being separated from their parents inside quarantine camps as others struggle to buy food while the severely ill are being denied urgent medical care.

Citizens aren’t even allowed to leave their homes for exercise or to walk their dogs, while pet owners infected with COVID-19 are also having their animals murdered by local authorities.

The army has been deployed to the streets in anticipation of food riots, while an eerie video shows thousands of people screaming from the windows and balconies of their high rise apartment blocks.

Carlson observed Monday “Has there ever been a clearer picture of what hell is like?” calling Shanghai “the largest prison camp in human history.”

“We’re just beginning to see the outlines of the repression that COVID has made possible,” Carlson continued, adding “If you believe in democracy, this is repugnant. Twenty-five million people just lost their most basic human rights,” Carlson continued, adding “So, the question is, has anyone in the Biden administration, which is constantly lecturing us about democracy and human rights, said anything about this?”

“Has the State Department issued an angry denunciation of Xi Jinping? Is the U.S. government threatening sanctions against China for building the world’s largest prison camp?” he added, concluding “Well, of course not.”

“Obviously, it’s not about COVID. Let’s stop pretending. Shanghai does not have a COVID crisis.” Carlson continued, explaining “Even if Shanghai did have a COVID crisis, we know perfectly well from recent experience this is not the way to handle a COVID crisis.

“So, from the perspective of China’s central government, the problem is not COVID. The problem is Shanghai itself,” Carlson further explained, noting “Shanghai is probably the freest place in China.

“If you watch carefully, you can see all of this taking shape, and why wouldn’t it be taking shape in this country?” the host highlighted, warning that “If we want to know what the future looks like, you can look at China and shiver.”


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