We’re imperilled by two demographics. The first would be a small group of string pullers mainly from a particular ethno-religious background. Victoria Nuland, the destroyer of Ukraine, for example. They’re able to pull strings because this happens free of mainstream scrutiny and criticism.

Tom Shackleford  – Identity Dixie –

I don’t think they’re the worst of the two, because everything they have depends on ignorance and the acceptance of misinformation that’s often self-evidently absurd. It’s the counterparty to this perverse bargain that I find truly loathsome.

If a canard is defined to them by the Establishment as what the sophisticated, morally superior class thinks, they will adopt it with the sentiment that they arrived at the conclusion themselves due to these characteristics. This is reinforced with the introduction of a strawman for someone who rejects the canard, always some variation of a stupid, repugnant White person.

What maintains their immunization to reason is the mental equivalent of a shutdown protocol. It’s triggered immediately upon auditing contradictory information to the canard. They will become visibly agitated, express anger and disbelief at their interlocutor, or stand up and walk away.

It’s often a combination of all three, but the end result is that they can’t absorb information and then process it to form an independent conclusion. The fact that being unable to do so renders them incapable of performing critical thinking doesn’t fall within their comprehension.

If the only reason someone disagrees with you would be because he’s a moron or a bad actor, there’s nothing for you to understand about him even if that could come to your detriment. This is one reason they lack the self-awareness to realize that when they “support the current thing” they’re making a transparent statement about their own ignorance and feeble psychology.

It’s best to avoid such creatures, but last weekend I found myself sitting at a table late in the evening in front of an open bar chatting with someone in my line of work. A Ukrainian flag was pinned on his collar. I’d been steering the conversation towards other topics when he brought up his admiration for Zelensky.

I couldn’t resist and inquired if he knew who financed his television show about being president and then his campaign. Of course, he didn’t. My next point was that perhaps a gangster oligarch, the U.S. State Department, and Neo-Nazi lunatics found a coke head comedian mutually agreeable because he was the most pliable guy available for their agenda.

In an angry voice, he told me that I was “retarded,” and stood up. “Well, have a nice evening,” I replied as he walked over to another table. I’ve come to see the wisdom in Robert E. Lee’s approach of always being a gentleman. This is productive even when your counterparts are jackasses for obvious reasons.

Like I said, this idiot is in my industry. He’d mentioned he was looking for a new job. Earlier in the week, someone called to inquire if I knew anyone who could fill a position. It pays quite well but the company was having a very tough time since they required three shots.

I can’t get into details, but essentially, nobody with our credentials who refuses shots is leaving their current position because necessity spares them from the mandate. That’s not the case if they try to get a new one. This creates a demand for a certain type of imbecile.

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