The Year of Saint Joseph brought many great fruits to the church.

One of them was the Men’s Rosary Rallies which reclaimed the streets of Poland from proxy warriors for the abortion industry who attacked churches in 2020 and 2021.

These images of men lining the streets of major cities and towns and kneeling in prayer together have now inspired others to get involved in various locations across the world.

The initiative has really taken off in Ireland, with initial Rosary Rallies in Derry and Newry leading to many towns and cities announcing synchronised events involving thousands of Irish men.

In its biggest day yet, over a dozen locations took part in the initiative in Ireland today, from North to South.

In Wexford, men gathered at the harbour to pray together.

The next one takes place on the first Saturday of May, the 7th.

As May is the month of Our Lady, it is expected to be the biggest crowd yet.