There was widespread bewilderment and anger this week when Dublin Airport, which is under fire for lengthy delays in queues for flights, decided to post a bizarre tweet using the name of Jesus as a punchline.

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When asked about the availability of sausages by a person on Twitter, the Airport bizarrely responded:

Even more people were incensed by their reply, they told Catholic Arena the following:

The tweet was a light-hearted response to a light-hearted question and was in no way intended to be disparaging about anyone or anything. Any attempts to link the tweet with religious hatred or prejudice of any kind are disappointing and spurious

International media quickly picked up on the story, with The Independent pointing out the outrage.

Now, the Airport authorities have apparently had a change of heart and deleted the bizarre tweet.

Incidentally, it turned out that the tweet was posted on the same day that news was breaking of a new deal involving Saudi Arabia.

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