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People Before Profit (PBP), Ireland’s left-wing establishment joke party, is one of the many casualties of the Ukrainian conflict. Their problem is their circus acts of shedding crocodile tears for refugees and other victims of war have, in the hot button Ukrainian case, has been usurped and over-shadowed by Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Martin, who has been threatening nuclear-powered India over the issue, nevermind Fine Gael’s Josepha Madigan, who has been addressing mobs outside Orwell Road’s Russian Embassy

Even Catholic priests are hijacking their moralising podiums outside the GPO, where in 1916, PBP and Sinn Féin’s Fintan Warfield would have us believe, James Connolly fought for transgender rights, gay sauna baths and their own very cushy numbers.

PBP have not taken the loss of their anti-war turf, and the considerable revenues they garner from it, lying down. PBP’s Richard Boyd Barrett has been on top of it, and he has put in a stellar act in Leinster House; though his rhetorical whataboutery regarding the Palestinian issue quickly went viral, this son of a famous actress is not sitting on his own acting laurels.

He cannot afford to. With his supposed political opponents now jumping on the bandwagon, there is just too much competition out there for this Blackrock College boy to ignore. Using their Irish Anti-War Movement front, PBP have been busy enticing suckers to their Henrietta Street HQ to make banners and other props as part of their cosplaying street theatre.

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