By Bosco (Irish Sentinel Contributor) –

Arthur Griffith founded and edited the newspaper titled, ‘The United Irishman’ in 1899. The emergence of the Party he would go on to found came in 1904 where he wrote ‘The Resurrection of Hungary: A Parallel for Ireland’, which advocated the withdrawal of Irish members from the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the setting up of the institutions of government at home in Ireland. This policy became known as Sinn Féin (ourselves). The next year, in November 1905, Griffith presented “The Sinn Féin Policy” at the first annual convention of his new organisation. The convening of the National Council is marked as the founding date of that Party. Griffith took over as president of Sinn Féin in 1911, but at that time the organisation was still small. However, it would soon grow as Irish nationalism burgeoned, culminating in the Easter Rising of 1916 and its zenith would be the fight for Irish independence. With the fratricide that would follow, Sinn Féin fragmented into the two parties that dominated the Irish political landscape, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael the latter supporting the treaty with the British, the former rejecting it.
Between the founding of the State in the 1920s and the 1970s, Sinn Féin was largely a defunct entity. The attempt in the 1940s to access funds that had been put in the care of the High Court led to the Sinn Féin Funds case, which the remnant Party lost. The judge in the case ruled that the current title holders were not the legal successor to the Sinn Féin organisation of 1917. With the Sinn Féin funds case lost, the Party was little more than a shell of its former self.
With the troubles breaking out in the North in the late 1960s after another split with the communist, the Workers’ Party of Ireland, the current assemblage took on a more prominent role in defending the interests of nationalists within the six counties. Due to pogroms waged against Catholics in the North, the IRA, which had remained largely dormant since the 1950s, reorganised but splintered between those holding Marxist tendencies, the old IRA, and the provisionals, who saw their plight connected with their Catholic heritage. One should bear in mind that it was Catholic neighbourhoods in Belfast and Derry being burnt to the ground, their occupants dispossessed, and not those belonging to communists. By the late 1970s and 1980s, it seems Sinn Féin under the leadership of anti-Catholic Gerry Adams, took Sinn Fein and the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) in a Marxist direction. One must ask the question, why?
The more palatable answer given by current Sinn Féiners is that Adams et al, believed that the conflict in the North was an economic materialist one and thus required a Marxist answer to British capitalism. This is a feint. The truth is that Sinn Féin had been plagued by psychopaths and child molesters such that high ranking members considered the IRA replete with “nonces”. This was proven to be true given the testimonies of Maria Cahill and the IRA kangaroo courts established to deal with IRA child abusers. Child molestation was an issue very close to the heart of Gerry Adams, whose father and brother were both alleged paedophiles.
Lead IRA enforcer of the “the nutting squad” who disciplined touts, Freddie Scappaticci, was himself an informant receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds for his services to the Crown. Long-time friend of Gerry Adams, Denis Donaldson, a top Sinn Fein official, had also been an asset for British intelligence. Whether or not we can believe a word the British establish publish, they, British intelligence sources, nevertheless presented evidence that British authorities covered up a case of child sex abuse by a senior figure of the IRA in order to use the damning evidence to turn the perpetrator into a double agent. The apparent “evidence” shows former IRA chief, Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car in the 1970s, the sources said.
Whether we can believe the accusation against Cahill given the sources tendency to transmit propaganda, we can at least make inferences beyond the evidence itself. The damning case against Sinn Féin, that it is wholly managed by British intelligence is as follows.
Sinn Féin and the IRA were interconnected. The former being the political face for the latter. To speak of Sinn Féin was to talk about the IRA, and vice versa. Sinn Féin and the IRA was resurrected in the early 1970s to deal with the vicious assaults waged against the Catholic community in the six counties by loyalists who colluded with the British establishment. Sinn Féin /PIRA was established to protect Catholics: their lives, values and national interest. Fast forward a mere three decades and the same organisation, Sinn Fein/PIRA, are now the vanguard attacking Catholics: their lives, values and national interest. Such is the enmity perpetrated against Catholicism, Sinn Fein have outstripped even the anti-Catholic the Democratic Unionist Party and their special brand of anti-Catholicism.
One might be able to posit that anti-Catholicism and Marxism are fine bedfellows so it was a natural journey that would lead Marxists to despise religion, especially Catholicism. Marxist, Antonio Gramsci. infamously declared that the biggest impediment to global Marxism was Catholicism. However, if this is true, then Adams et al, must have realised that the community he belonged to, that was being gerrymandered, persecuted, murdered, dispossessed, and firebombed, was targeted simply because of religion -Catholicism. The Shankill Butchers did not go around the streets of Belfast looking for Marxists, they did not go in search of Catholics to torture and kill. Marxists were not being denied representation through specially designed gerrymandering -it was Catholics. It was not Marxists who were refused jobs in the likes of Harland and Wolff – it was Catholics. It was not streets of Marxists being firebombed out of their homes during the pogrom – it was Catholics. The 12th of July parades did not antagonise, nor seek to be triumphalist over Marxists -it was against Catholics. Unless Adams is a halfwit, he and his fellow Trotskyites knew this was the case.
The truth tends to be far more obvious. The PIRA was saturated with agents and informers – including many close to Gerry Adams. In a 2019 BBC Spotlight broadcast, a series of revelations pointed to the extraordinary scale of counter-terrorist operations.
In 2002, the IRA broke into RUC Special Branch headquarters in Castlereagh and stole documents containing the code names of the agents within the PIRA in Belfast.
Raymond White, the former head of RUC Special Branch, said that British agents had been able to help steer the PIRA towards politics such was the level of treachery.
Former PIRA director of intelligence Kieran Conway said that the security agencies’ war against the PIRA had decimated the organisation, stating, “The attrition rate was just so appalling…The SAS, the British intelligence services were obviously in a position to intercept most operations…It was absolutely clear that we were losing if we hadn’t already lost the war and that it was time to cash in the chips.”
White stated that “the intelligence world played an immense part in bringing about, shall we say, a realisation within the Provisional IRA that they had passed the post in terms of the armed conflict”.
Raymond White then went on further to explain that he had personally asked the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, about the “legal grey zone” in which the intelligence services were operating with informers (this included instructing the police to deal with republican suspects as normal terrorists so as to not arouse suspicion, while continuing to feed information through to their handlers). White went on to claim that the essence of Mrs Thatcher’s response was to “carry on doing what you’re doing, but don’t get yourself caught”.
In short, the PIRA was so compromised by informers at every level, that it realised it had to give up violence and move towards politics, and republican and senior intelligence figures have both confirmed this. The elephant in the room, however, must be asked. Why did people inform and betray their communities? Greed, and fear?
Irish history is replete with informants who betrayed their country for silver and gold. Also, as alluded to previously, some members of Sinn Féin were compromised by their own degeneracy and cooperated to ensure their names remained untarnished, publicly at least. Either case, they betrayed their people.
The greater elephant in the room remains. Is the treachery continuing? After all, surely a basic strategy by the British establishment would not be to crush the Irish but to eliminate them instead. One couldn’t eliminate the Irish through the old methods, this just created the problems they had to deal with during The Troubles. Surely, it would be better to infiltrate the likes of Sinn Féin, fill it with Cultural Marxists that would do the destroying for them. The coup de grâce, the extra pay-off, is that the remaining faithful Irish will attack their own and not the British for such wholesale annihilation of their own nation.
Sinn Féin have been openly supporting multiculturism (see an An Phoblacht February 2019 and Declan Kearney’s admissions) which will soon render the native Irish a minority in their own homeland. Sinn Féin who once denounced the Jacobin plantation now enthuse about the new plantation – both having the same effect. Sinn Féin once denounced collusion between loyalist gunmen and the British authorities. However, Sinn Féin now collude with Westminster to kill Irish babies. Sinn Féin once sought to defend the faith of their fathers, now they are the benchmark for destroying it. It does not take a genius to see what is happening.
What about the current leadership? Mary Lou McDonald was a Fianna Fáil advocate until she was headhunted and selected by Sinn Féin (and no doubt their British handlers) to rebrand the organisation island wide suitable for a new “sophisticated” Ireland. McDonald was educated in a private school, she is a multi-millionaire (according to the Irish Independent) yet she is the leader of a Marxist party which aims to destroy Irish culture and impose a deracinated, anaemic and watered-down version of Ireland on the doorstep of Britain. The best way for Britain to neutralise the threat of Ireland, one would conject, was to make Ireland, well, not Irish. Better still, get the Irish to do to themselves. Fill the ranks of Sinn Féin with imbeciles, degenerates and angry feminists and get more imbeciles, degenerates and angry feminists in the media to circulate it to even more imbeciles, degenerates and angry feminists in the mass public.
According to a former British intelligence officer, MI5 has run spies and informants in Ireland throughout the Northern Ireland conflict, and it continues to do so.
Martin Ingram, alias Jack Grantham, a British whistle-blower has stated, “MI5 is running agents in the south of Ireland from all walks of life, the guards, the political parties, the public bodies, all of them are currently compromised by agents, you can be sure of that”.
Ingram/Grantham is a former intelligence officer who spent ten years operating in Ireland as a ‘handler’ in one of the most clandestine branches of the British secret service. He was a senior member of the Force Research Unit, a small but well-resourced and extremely controversial branch of British Military Intelligence.

Magill magazine cited Ingram as far back as 2006 who then stated, “The Irish political system was targeted by MI5 100 percent”, said Ingram. “The British government spends a huge amount of money on M15 and there is no point in them sitting around on very expensive chairs chewing gum. The Irish government is viewed as a target, then and now, and any information is welcome on any part of the system. A lot of people who work for the state in the south have secrets to hide.” Ingram concluded.
Magill then went to report Ingram stating, “Although political parties in Northern Ireland, particularly Sinn Fein, were targeted, all active political and potentially influential bodies were regarded as legitimate targets, according to Ingram…If Ingram’s claims are true, it would mean that all of the political parties in Ireland are, to varying degrees, compromised by the British secret service”.
In the 1980s Fred Holyrod, an MI6 whistle-blower claimed that his bosses operated an extensive network of agents across the island of Ireland. He claimed that a number of Gardai had been recruited by the British military during the 1970s. A Monaghan-based detective, Detective Garda John McCoy, was later found to be a mole working on behalf of the British establishment.
Earlier, in 1972, the then Taoiseach Jack Lynch said he suspected British intelligence of involvement in a series of bombings in Dublin that same year just as the Dáil was debating anti-terrorism legislation.
In addition, in the early 1970s two brothers, the Littlejohns, who were arrested for bank-robbery in Dublin, were later exposed as MI5 agents. They said they had been told to carry out the robberies which their ‘handlers’ said would be blamed on the PIRA. More recently. one of the British Conservative Party’s leading spokesmen on Northern Ireland is alleged to be a former M15 operative.
Ingram claimed that the British government maintains an extensive network of agents in Ireland. “What you want is a whole series of people to be working for you” Ingram claims, stating further that “these networks tend to be quite widespread.”
It should be quite obvious that many in the Irish media are compromised or bought and paid for to disseminate anti-Irish, anti-Catholic propaganda.
We also know that British secret agents were ordered to infiltrate Irish American groups at the end of the 19th century, according to previously unpublished documents which show the British government was as concerned then as 100 years later, about transatlantic support for republicanism in Ireland. Do we honestly think this has stopped? One look at Irish American philanthropies, Chuck Feeney, The Friends of Sinn Féin, The American Ireland Fund, have been actively funding NGOs in Ireland, entities which are destroying Ireland from within. Surely it is reasonable to conclude that this is happening right now, also?
Theorist Alan Watt had been adamant in asserting that globalism is a markedly Anglo-American phenomenon so it would be no stretch of the imagination to conject that the conduit to Ireland might come through Irish-America through the, aforementioned, trojan horses?
As described previously, the treachery in Ireland is operating at record numbers. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are as compromised as Sinn Féin but the dramatic nature of the fall and reversal of Sinn Féin, a party that looks like it may soon rule Ireland, is astonishing. One could speculate therefore, that Sinn Féin are a wing of MI5, and if fall of Ireland is achieved, the history books will record that it was the Irish who did it to themselves- how convenient for the British establishment, if it is true.