By Helena Handbasket – (First published November 2012)

Over the past 30 years, although the idea was well advanced before then, the ‘Environmental Movement’ or ‘Green Movement’, as it’s come to be known, has incrementally sought to encroach on every aspect of our lives.

Typical examples include the near enforcement of ‘energy saving light bulbs’ heavily dosed with the highly toxic element Mercury to stacks of highly toxic plastic ‘wheelie bins’ littering the streets once or twice a week making a mockery of the notion that the environment, or as it’s termed, the ‘environmental impact’ of any scheme imposed should be taken into consideration prior to any ‘green initiative’ being forced upon us.

There is no logic behind many of the ‘green’ schemes advanced and in fact there are many disadvantages and dangers inherent in such schemes; mercury filled light bulbs being just such a case in point with the obvious danger of breakages in the home causing severe harm, especially to children who inhale the mercury particles as they circulate in the air.

Windmills which blot our landscapes across what was once pristine agricultural land routinely kill birds and by some bizarre planning in certain parts of the countryside are actually located beside bird sanctuaries.

Coal fired power plants are now being closed down with no effort to replace the energy supply necessary to cover the losses except to erect more useless windmills to further blot the landscape and fuel the need for more aluminium to be used in their construction; aluminium production being one of the highest polluting industries on the planet.

This industry also produces fluoride, another highly toxic chemical, which our so called, ‘dental experts’ tell us is good for our teeth whilst it routinely causes major health problems, including dental fluorosis, a disease unheard of prior to the introduction of fluoride into the water supply and toothpastes, osteoporosis in ever increasing numbers, cancer and death.

Our food supply also suffers when genetically modified crops are let loose with wild abandon, across what were once highly productive fields, to contaminate all other crops, including organic, which through time will destroy the indigenous food supplies of any country who foolishly follows this ludicrous path towards creating a chemical and biological compost heap marketed and sold as nutritious food.

Farming has also been destroyed in the western world by policies produced at world summits and secret meetings by unelected tyrants to the extent that farmers have been paid for decades not to grow food. Anyone with the slightest ability to think at all must see the hypocrisy evident in statements made by our ‘masters’ that the world is running out of food and that famine is imminent. The simple solution is to pay farmers to grow food. Common sense should prevail for the good of humanity, but those pulling the strings of power obviously have another agenda to follow or the common sense approach would have applied long ago.

Farmers would have been growing food in abundance, as they used to do, and millions of lives would have been saved from the ravages of famine and disease in the Third World. The UN has even stated that Africa could feed the world, so how are they still starving? But of course, the agenda of our elitist psychopathic controllers is to eradicate what they view as ‘inferior stock’ and they’re doing a fine job of it! The next target is going to be the developed world and we’re well on the way to seeing that come to pass.

The land itself has been under attack and is now contaminated and depleted of essential nutrients by the long term and continuous use of phosphate fertilisers and pesticides to the degree that the only solution suggested to the weary farmer is to use more pesticides and fertilisers or to switch to GM crops as the ‘final solution’ to all their woes despite all evidence to the contrary which will simply lead to the use of ever more highly toxic chemicals such as those produced by the makers of Agent Orange, Monsanto.

Further contamination comes in the guise of ‘geo-engineering’ or ‘chemtrailing’; the wanton spraying of toxic substances into the atmosphere, which as it descends to the surface of our planet, not only causes a multitude of medical problems for human and animal life, contaminates or kills vegetation, including mature trees and other plant life, but also adds these toxins to the soil of our agricultural land to further poison our food supply.

There’s not a word of this mentioned amongst those in the Green Party who tell us that they wish to protect the environment. The only actual ‘protection’ advocated by these zealots is to eradicate what they see as the ‘human pests’. They’re only interest at the highest level is to de-humanise (zero carbon economics) the planet by means of massive depopulation programmes, by any possible means.

But we’re told not to concern ourselves with the inherent health problems associated with whatever lunatic fringe scheme is forced upon us for whatever spurious reasons the so-called ‘experts’ can propagandise us with through the ‘impartial’ media whores invading our homes at every opportunity; but only if your dumb enough to let them.

There’s always ‘science’ to sort things out, to give us a ‘cure’ or a ‘vaccine’ for all life’s ills and challenges.

But unfortunately, that fabled being known as the ‘scientific method’ has long ago been cast out of the real world to be replaced by the beast known as scientific ‘consensus’; the relevant part of the word being ‘con’.

‘Science’, as it was once known, has been catastrophically politicised and is now extinct in any true sense of its worth. It is no longer the realm of invention and discovery but simply a tool to induce compliance to any dogma which it wishes to espouse, or it is used as a weapon to instil fear in a population which still believes that ‘science’ and ‘experts’ really do know what they’re talking about and if they didn’t they would tell you.

Unfortunately, those ‘scientists’ who preach at the altar of ‘climate change’ or ‘big pharma’, to name but two sectors, have long ago given up any adherence to their craft. They are nothing more than parasites sucking the lifeblood and credibility from the wonders of human invention. They are no longer the pioneers of invention and investigation. They are liars and gatekeepers ensuring that humanity never receives the benefits of real ground breaking scientific discovery.

The only view we get of the advances in technology are those technologies designed either to kill mercilessly or to spy on us continually. Science has created the ultimate ‘virtual’ prison for us all. Science has killed freedom.

Most people wouldn’t dream of believing for a split second that a ‘scientist’ or ‘expert’, or a ‘newscaster’ would ever lie to them, and some even believe that their politicians are honest, upstanding citizens going out of their way, and at great personal sacrifice, to help their community to attain a better life for them and their families.

I beg to differ and have a right to do so, but again, that right is being taken away from us all to ensure that those ‘scientists’, ‘experts’; and I include ‘doctors’, ‘police officers’, ‘politicians’ and bureaucrats etc., can simply say and do as they please at our expense and at massive benefit to themselves, whether in the form of monetary reward or a climb up the corporate or political ladder where they can further find new methods of destroying our freedom and lives whilst being granted the power to implement such ‘policies’, as they call them, when the gullible continually frequent the ballot box to allow slavery and injustice to be imposed upon them, not to mention the true pandemic of harm which is heaped upon us from a variety of sources, only a few of which have been mentioned above.

There are many more physical and psychological horrors being used against humanity with many more waiting in the wings for the right occasion to implement their use plus more methods of control and enslavement being invented every day.

We are living in a massive ‘open’ prison until such times as barbed wire and machine gun towers become necessary. That time is not too far distant.

The ‘Environmental Movement’ which has morphed into the ‘Green Movement’ has now transformed itself into what has become the ‘Green Ideological Agenda’.

Virtually nowhere in the modern cult of CO2 demonization, known as the ‘Green Movement’, will you find anyone with either the knowledge or the courage to admit that the ‘Green Agenda’ is now in the process of ‘de-inventing the wheel’ whereby they wish to restore mankind to a level of peasantry in a ‘New Age’ of feudal servitude to our globalist, corporate fascist overlords, even as those in the ‘Green Movement’ promote just such ideologically fanatical policies to enable just such a society to come into being. (The devastation caused by governments across the world under the guise of Covid-19 is exactly that; The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset)

There’s talk of closing all coal and oil powered electricity plants with the combined closure of nuclear power plants to close the loop on electrical generation once and for all. I say this because it should be obvious to even the most gullible Green Party acolyte that you can’t power modern factories with windmills and solar panels, particularly as geo-engineering, (chemtrailing) blocks out the sun’s rays under the guise of cooling the planet to save us all from non-existent ‘manmade global warming’.

The education system must take a huge responsibility for this abuse of the minds of our children and adults alike when it openly promotes the idiocy of ‘manmade global warming’ as ‘scientific fact’ quoting the so called ‘experts’ at every opportunity; experts such as Al Gore, who is nothing more than a failed politician in the true sense of the word although I’m sure he’s fulfilled his political role for his masters in promoting the global warming agenda. So in a sense, and probably in his own warped mind, he is a highly successful politician.

Of course, the ‘education system’ is nothing less than the global ‘indoctrination system’. As devised through the first head of the United Nations body UNESCO, Julian Huxley, brother of ‘Brave New World’ author Aldous Huxley, he knew exactly what he wanted the function of UNESCO to be. It was envisioned as the global standard of ‘education’ for the world’s children but only to a level conducive to the elite who simply required subservient slaves to fulfil their needs. (This is now being promoted by eugenicist Bill Gates. He advocates for permanent  remote learning by computer with ‘teachers’ now permitted to access children’s bedrooms via video link 8 hours a day. What could possibly go wrong?)

So it should come as no surprise to those willing to pay attention to facts rather than be supple sponges for propaganda, that ‘education’, far from being a method by which children and adults can be filled with knowledge and understanding of the real world around them, they are simply near empty vessels containing the basic means to read the instruction manuals on how to operate the machinery of modern industry and its associated service sectors.

We are all mere cogs in the machine of a crumbling civilisation as those enforcing a ‘New Green Deal’ upon us then use us to their advantage until the time comes when they have no further requirement for our labour.

That day has arrived and we are now in the death throes of what we once thought was ‘our’ world, both physically and spiritually.

It has never been ‘our’ world. We have all simply been pawns in a massive and elongated game of monopoly otherwise known as ‘Globalisation’. This point in time has been many centuries in the planning and incremental implementation to the extent that it was for the vast majority simply too opaque to be visible. (It is obvious now)

However, as the drive for total destruction of our way of life, and ultimately humanity itself, comes into view, those pulling the strings of power are forced to close the barn door before the cattle stampede in their direction once they discern who the true enemies of humanity are and take action to circumvent the hellish apocalypse coming their way. (The coming ‘Digital ID’ will serve that purpose perfectly.)

But time is short as the net closes on our freedom, with constant CCTV surveillance (and now contact tracing) just accepted as normal, body searches in airports to extend to all transport systems and no doubt on the streets, (Immunity passports/Digital ID) our food supply diminished to a level barely consistent with sustenance in the modern world and we’re constantly fed the line that the next plague is just around the corner with mandatory vaccination being proposed as a ‘cure all’ in such an event and when there is talk and evidence of what were once called ‘concentration camps’ manned and supplied to imprison millions in various sites across the planet….


There will of course be those, myself included, who want to be no part of this feudal system and will do everything we can to maintain our freedom, as difficult as that may be to maintain when every move we make can now be tracked and traced through various means, not the least of which will include the use of unmanned drones, or worse, watching us from the skies.

Civilization as we have known it, regardless of the mirage that’s been projected before our eyes giving the false reality in which we all exist in, will disappear as the velvet glove is removed from the iron fist of tyranny in the very near future whereby we’ll all be living in the most basic open prison imaginable which will appear fully exposed for all to see and experience in all its horrors.

Jobs will be replaced by enslavement; supermarkets will become food distribution ration centres where you’ll be allowed to collect your daily allowance of toxic food for your limited survival capacity which will be for as long as you’re physically useful to those who wish to use your labour.

If you think things are bad now in your national health services, you’re in for a shock as these simply become disposal units to cater for the heaps of corpses piled at their incineration centers.

We are facing a true hell on Earth if those pulling the strings of geo-political power have their way.

These few self-proclaimed ‘elites’ have, through the centuries, caused utter devastation in their wake in their ultimate quest to rule the world. They are the sickest and most evil people on the planet; of that there can be no doubt when they openly admit to putting their chess pieces on the global chessboard and playing nations (Think Ukraine) and civilisations off against each other with the inevitable wars, death and destruction being the only outcome.

This is no accident or simply a wrong policy decision or two made by politicians prostituted to the will of these elites. It is psychopathically deliberate in its manipulation and execution; ‘execution’ of millions of innocent lives being the optimum description for the wanton evil these creatures create.

But it’s not only human life they destroy. As mentioned above they also destroy animal and plant life, which in effect destroys the planet which those in the ‘Environmental’ or ‘Green’ movement purportedly claim to be defending whilst at the same time advocating the dismantling of all technology that helps maintain civilisation in its current form, however dysfunctional it appears to be, and in essence is, at present.

(The destruction of the global economy achieves the same goal.)

However this is not the fault of you and I whom these elitist zealots wish to apportion blame upon. We are all the victims of these maniacal parasites.

That not only includes all of us living what are deemed ‘normal’ lives but also the drug addicts, the prostitutes, the pimps, the pushers and all the rest of the unfortunate people whose lives have been callously socially engineered to cause endemic dysfunction in what we’re told is a civilised society.

Civilisation as we’ve come to view it is in its death throes.

The wheel is not only being de-invented, it is being destroyed in plain view right now.