By Bosco (Irish Sentinel Contributor) –

In Dante’s Inferno, the deepest circle of Hell is reserved for traitors. Canto 32 of Dante’s inferno takes place in the Ninth Circle of Hell, which is the final and most harrowing area that can be conceived. Souls in the Ninth Circle, the author informs us, are generally guilty of sins of betrayal such as treachery against family, country, political party, guests, or benefactors. Dante describes this last circle of Hell as ”the bottom of the universe” containing a ”horde [of sinners] beyond all others ill-begot.” This wasn’t some vague calculation by the author but rather the recognition of the deleterious consequence of treachery during a period where medieval cities were at war with each other. Security was everything. Citadels such as Siena, and Florence were fortified and encircled by high masoned walls with heavy wood panelled doors that were attended by vigilant watchmen by day and especially by night. Traitors were an existential threat to all who lived within the gates. Trust was imperative and trust was gained by comradeship forged by family ties and shared religious allegiance. Traitors were a mortal threat to all.
The French essayist Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron Montesquieu, knew the virtue of trust. He believed republicanism, at least in its purest form, required the pre-existence of very small homogenous community with laws adopted by the people as a whole or by an aristocracy. Homogeneity meant that the values of community were shared by all and dissent, and therefore the likelihood for betrayal, was minimised. Shared values had the effect that the community believed as one, like a constituent organism of many parts but moving together towards some common goal. It lived or died as one monolith of belief.
Fast forward several centuries and Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, an avowed leftist, discovered ( rather reluctantly) that diversity hurts civic life and that differences can actually translate into distrust. Social capital, or cohesion, he suggested, is fragmented where homogeneity is absent. One would think that intuitively this would be obvious. People tend to trust others who look and behave like themselves. This isn’t to say the outsider is inherently bad and the insider is good but those who share a common view of the world tend to protect others who profess the same values because it ensures the survival of that ideological tenet through mutual interest. In truth, it isn’t the outsider that people fear the most but the insider as traitor. If all those outside the castle cannot get in because of the fortifications, then no matter the external enemy those inside are protected. However, if a traitor lurks inside, the particular enemy outside can be defeated but the threat remains because the people can be sold out to the next enemy who challenges outside the gates.
Even evolutionists suggest that kinship (including kin selection and relational favouritism) or extended familial units tend to benefit the survival of individuals on the basis of greater cooperation and trust. This might explain why early humans formed clans, tribes and other close knit relationships. Catholic social teaching also promoted this idea under the concept of ‘ subsidiarity ‘ or localising power, whereby the recognition of duty to ones proximate relationships was a manifestation of agape, or to will the best for; a designated range for the love for God.
However, If a society contained competing cultures with adverse self-interests it would undermine the cohesion of that community. We Irish, of all people, should understand that diversity doesn’t work, and we can look to the north of Ireland to substantiate the claim.
When a community is divided, it is far easier to manage from the point of view of a party that wills its destruction. When a clash of civilisations occurs on your doorstep it becomes an immediate distraction from the ultimate cause of the engineered dislocation. As far back as Julius Caesar, the ancients knew that division in a community allowed its conquest soon to manifest. We in Ireland should be well acquainted with division on our doorsteps.

Despite the fact that unionists/ loyalists are of the same genetic stock as their nationalist/republican opponents (both north-western Europeans) and that they share similar cultural heritages (Christian albeit sub divided along Christian sectarian lines) the history of Northern Ireland has been a calamitous one, resulting in over 3000 deaths between the 1960s and 1990s during the so called troubles). Yet despite the knowledge that men and women with so much in common could murder each other with impunity, the present Irish government continue to embark on a new plantation. This new and rigorously orchestrated plantation however is far more egregious in composition as mass immigration brings in people, cultures, values, and religions that are significantly more contentious. This is all by design to foment unrest and therefore ensure ultimate power is maintained.

We know that Fine Gael globalist Peter Sutherland famously declared that for the EU project to survive, the homogeneity of nations must be disturbed. No doubt some of those listening to Sutherland believed that the destruction of nations would be a good thing given how nations in Europe tend to end up in conflagration. We are seeing it presently in Ukraine. What Sutherland and his ilk conveniently ignore is that it isn’t the ordinary people of nations who embark on war or invade neighbours but the likes of Sutherland and his type who instigate conflict for their own selfish ends. Moreover, it is intellectually dishonest to espouse that nationalism be equated to war mongering and elitism when most proud nations want to live in peace and contentment and do not covet the territories of bordering lands. Again, it is the Sutherland’s and his like who precipitate war and get the plebs to fight it for them. Once the undesirable plebs have achieved the victories on the inciters behalf, they (those who fought believing they were defending their nation) are excoriated and maligned by the very people who incited the fight in the first place.

Take for example the English. I am certain that most English folk wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life in their cities, towns and villages until their elites sought to claim most of the world for the benefit of the wealthy. No ordinary Englishman had slaves or lived on the back of slavery. Charles Dickens wrote splendidly and accurately about the plight of the impoverished in the ghettos of London. Yet, today, the very classes who made fortunes off the backs of ordinary Englishmen who believed they fought for their king and country, now lead the way in destroying the culture provided to them by the ancestors of the working class British. One would have it believed that every Englishman in the past lived a life of abundance and frivolity. I think Charles Dickens and his depictions of the work houses would say differently. Worse, are the lefty types, largely middle class or the angry descendants of migrants, who wish to malign a people who never truly personally benefitted from the privilege that they are now accused of hoarding.

Suffice to say, as an Irish nationalist, it is hard to have pity for an ordinary Englishman whose ancestors were used to crush my own. However, it wasn’t just the Englishman, scot or Welshman who put the musket into the chest of my own forebears, but many native Irishmen did too. We know from historical record that during the height of the British empire 40% of the soldiers were Irish, largely using the opportunity to travel or just earn a living taking the Kings Schilling. That said, many were employed to ensure Ireland remained a colony. During the war of independence 10% of the black and tans were native Irish.

Treachery has always been a ready commodity in Ireland which explains why we were colonised for so long. It explains why the men of 1916 were ridiculed and mocked by ordinary Dubliners as they were led away to their eventual executions. What changed the minds and hearts of the Irish public was a public relations disaster, caused by the hubris of the British establishment, in executing the leaders of the rising.

Again fast forward to today and there are Irish men and women who continue to mock and ridicule the men of 1916. Personally, I am in awe of men and women who were prepared to give what they valued most, their own lives, for a cause that they themselves would never benefit from. Instead, the full bellied beneficiaries of that freedom today, a good century away from the front line, are the ones very quick to label those men as fundamentalists and terrorists. It illustrates a wicked plague that corrupts a nation whose heroes are treated with such contempt.

We cannot ignore those Irish Americans too who are filled with such Irish pride when it suits but who are funding the destruction of our country. Organisations like the American Ireland fund, or Friends of Sinn Fein, donate millions to organisations that have undermined Irish culture. Irish American Chuck Feeney and his “philanthropy” has caused immense damage providing financial aid to Irish NGO fifth columnists. We can’t forget either the role of the US democrat party, dominated by Irish Americans who have made it their purpose to colonise Ireland for the US deep state. The use of CIA operations such as the National Endowment for Democracy is used as a trojan horse to initiate programmes to decimate foreign democracies, all the while claiming to protect human rights. The EU equivalent also provides grants to interfere with elections through financing globalist NGOs whose work is then reported on by the globalist media to push an agenda suitable to the globalist cause and all under the colour of philanthropy. The most obvious is the overt funding of pro human being killing in the abortion referendum where these “charities” like Amnesty International who argued their case on the basis of human rights whilst at the same time promoting the exact opposite; dismembering alive and without pain relief vulnerable unwanted human beings- the unborn. And what of the native Irish? They accept it all the propaganda without question, worse, they endorse it.
There is nothing sicker, fouler, and more repugnant, than a traitor. Even the sociopathic criminal despises the informant. Indeed, one can almost respect an enemy from outside and marvel at their courage, ingenuity and will to conquer. However, the opposite can be said about treachery from within and Ireland is dominated by so many varied and different levels of treason.
The worst of the worst are the triune traitors of; politician, journalist and NGO- propagandists all. All three work voraciously to undermine the integrity of the Irish nation and seek to sell off the sacred for little less than 30 pieces of silver. Second only to this malevolent troika are the masses themselves; the self-absorbed insatiable consumers of tat, rapacious guzzlers of meaningless that they would sell their souls for a worthless bent penny just so they can purchase a different bent penny.
The fact that most Irish people are wholly indifferent to the destruction of their nation seems a crime that is yet measurable, not even quantifiable in terms of internationally recognised laws and treaties. This betrayal exceeds any claims of crimes against humanity or genocide, they out pace what exists currently in international jurisprudence. Such betrayal would altogether need to be assessed according to a novel standard and new category of international law such is the egregious nature of the crime of treason that will soon see a culture whipped off the face of the earth.
A third category wholly reserved for themselves are the clergy and religious. The ubiquitous effeminacy of the hierarchy, their subservient attitude to those that truly despise them, is beyond claims of pity. It is beyond the pathetic and long way past the shameful. These so called men of God, these men of hubris and contempt have betrayed the gentile pensioner, she in her head scarf and rattling her rosary, seen kneeling opposite a grotto lighting a candle to yearn some remission for a loved one. These princes of the church who betrayed the heroic martyr hung at Tyburn who would die in agony for his piety. These false shepherds who failed to attend their flock yet allowing the enemies of virtue who then seized upon scandals in their newspapers’ columns, provided for them by evil catamites and sodomites who had preyed on the innocent. Then the scandals generalised to malign the pious few who remain, the alienation the people from a faith that was once as descriptive of the Irish as their freckles, would be complete. The abject cowardice of many clergy and religious to abandon the faith for fear of being called an “ism, ist or phobe,” can hardly be assessed without retching.
Each category of traitor casts a different shadow on the nation, a penumbra that has neglected its halo bringing darkness everywhere. It can be suffocating to experience the treachery unfold before us and achieved with such gay abandon (no pun intended) so cavalier in spirit. It is despairing to think that a nation that suffered long into its history can be supplanted by a more insidious variety of treachery than all those that preceded. It is truly lamentable that in a matter of a generation, one sordid company of; simpletons, degenerates and Fagins, otherwise known as the present day Irish, have achieved far more than; Elizabeth the first, Cromwell, Victoria, Paisley, the para troop regiment and the Shankill butchers and all the other hibernophobes managed over 800 years- the annihilation of the IRISH nation.
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
— Marcus Tullius Cicero