By Thomas Hegarty

Over the years, campaigners worked tirelessly to ensure certain liberal, secular groups were allowed to march in Saint Patrick’s Day parades around the world under the banner of inclusion and diversity.

Campaigning by these groups to be included was relentless. And yes, these vocal, liberal, secular groups were successful in attaining their goal to march in what was originally a Christian celebration of Ireland’s Patron Saint.

How things have changed now that the new liberal, secular elites are in charge in Ireland.

The Irish government funded organisers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin told GriptMedia that only SECULAR, INCLUSIVE, NON-POLITICAL GROUPS can participate in their parade. By tightly defining and controlling who can participate in their St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivals, the organisers have effectively BANNED and EXCLUDED all Christian participation in their parades.

Furthermore, the parade organisers outlined to GriptMedia that amateur groups, both secular and Faith based cannot take part in the parade because the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day parades are “uniquely commissioned artistic … made up of marching bands and productions by professional pageant companies”.

So not only have the St. Patrick’s Day parade organisers banned all Christian groups, they have also banned all amateur community groups. They are running an INVITE ONLY closed shop. Gone are the days of ATA Security and thousands of paper roses. So much for pretending that this festival is inclusive and diverse.

We’re not sure when this new secular, inclusive, non-political regime took over Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day parades or who exactly was behind the banning of all Christian and all amateur groups from the St. Patrick’s day parades.

One sentence from the Irish government funded Dublin St Patrick’s Festival website sums up the new liberal, secular ideology;

“It’s time to ditch the old Gods and embrace the cultural revolution of colour, carnival and chaos.”

Irish government sponsored St. Patricks Festival 2022

Official image of St. Patricks Day Festival of 2022

This is just one image from an event organised by the tax payer funded, official St. Patricks Day Festival of 2022. The secular liberals have really gone out of their way not just to ban Christian participation but also to mock and scorn us.

Let’s pray for those who mock and scorn our Faith. Jesus taught us how to deal with such people;

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