By Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

What will history say about the current generation? The collation of data from the census forms being distributed around Ireland will be revealing for no one. If the figures demonstrate a dramatic change in demographics, it is arguable that most of the population will be indifferent to the outcome. If the data doesn’t expose the seismic demographic shift, that is patently obvious to even a blind man, that too will be revealing, again demonstrating the endemic corruption operating within the State.

These are perilous times for the survival of our nation, and it seems no one really cares. If we had a time machine and could return to the morning of 1916, just about the time the rebels were to set forth onto the streets of Dublin to embark on the rising, and upon our arrival in that moment, we would inform the men of that time of events that unfold in the future, what would their reaction be? Would those men who were about to risk everything still give their lives for a cause knowing that in the future, their descendants would not just squander their inheritance but sell it so freely to the most despicable of outsiders?

I imagine devout souls like Joseph Mary Plunket or Con Colbert, whose final sight before execution was the barrel of a rifle, would believe their futuristic vision to be one to be hell. To think that during the fighting in the heart of the GPO solemn confessions were heard and antique rosary beads were draped around weapons as brave men and women were willing to give the greatest sacrifice for their nation. These men who would be given the vision of a modern hellish Ireland might recoil in disgust as they’d realise that their noble sacrifice would be repaid with images of degeneracy and act of treachery by those who have taken the most and given the least.

No generation has the right to hand away a priceless heirloom that is nationhood for it is given to each peer group to guard as custodians only, and to hand it on in a better condition than first received. The present generation, bar a few remaining nationalists, have abdicated their responsibility to nation much like the worst neglectful father or mother would abandoning their innocent child to the depraved in the streets at night. Dante Alighieri wrote about the role of treachery and positioned it in the ninth circle of hell, the worst degree along where resides Satan, such is the infamy of the crime.

One can easily speculate that the men of 1916 would think twice about their rebellion if they were made aware of the treason that would follow in a hundred years into the future. While the media and public are outraged about the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, the same outraged quarters are mute, maybe encouraging, concerning the invasion and destruction of our land by outsiders as well as the collaborators within.

George Soros has invested a lot of ill gotten gains in undermining the stability of Ukraine and has done the same to Ireland. Oliver Stone in a documentary made in 2014 highlighted the role of NGOs, acting as fifth columnists funded by the likes of Soros, who prepared the groundwork for the coup d’etat in 2013/2014 in Ukraine. A more insidious coup d’etat has occurred in Ireland and has been achieved without the firing of one shot in anger. Worse, it has the approval of the vast majority of the people of Ireland. Ireland, as we know, was one of the first, if not THE first, to approve the murder of their next generation by referendum. The Irish appear very keen on supporting the survival of the nations of Ukraine and Palestine but any Irish man who dares to seek the same of their own land is automatically labelled a NAZI. The irony here is that in Ukraine the real neo nazis are fighting on the side that the Irish accusers applaud. Micheal Martin famously declared that he had no time for a “backward looking sovereignty” yet seems to be profoundly concerned about preserving the backward looking sovereignty of Ukraine?

In Robert Bolt’s play, A Man for all Seasons, . St Thomas More ridicules the testimony of Richard Rich who was willing to lie to condemn his previous master to gain material advantage with a position as attorney general for Wales, drawing on scripture ( Mark 8.36) states.

“But for Wales? why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for Wales?
The saint recognised the folly of eternal perdition to be paid not even to acquire the world, but a small section of it, Wales.

Given present figures of unabated mass immigration, forecasts and the news of countless Ukrainians ( and those pretending to be from there) the demographics of this country will be unrecognisable soon. Some estimate that by 2051 the Irish will be a minority in their own land. To dissent from this treachery is to be met with accusations of the usual type; racist and xenophobe. This however is just a means of quieting debate. Noam Chomsky, a leftist I don’t particularly admire, is accurate when he posits that debate in the west is a sham, it is all pretence. Chomsky writes that the smartest way to keep genuine dissent away from any negotiating table is to limit the spectrum of opinion but to allow varied dissidence to flourish within that accepted and limited spectrum. This creates the impression that all views are entertained; but it’s a charade, a confidence trick. In reality, the fix is in, the outcome is already prepared in advance. Any opposition to what our ancestors would have considered normal ( if not dutiful), i.e to defend your land is alienated by the new parameters of civilised society, with the assistance of those who create those parameters. The few non nationalist Irish who might baulk at the loss of homogeneity are bought off with trinkets or distracted by the circuses in television and sport.

Ireland, like the rest of the world will become another franchise in the globalist chain. Moreover, diversity and multiculturalism which breeds distrust (according to leftist Robert Putnam in his book ‘ bowling alone’ ) ensures that the competition and clash of cultures between the various balkanised groups on the island will be far too busy and distracted fighting each other, than focus on the machinations of those in ultimate control.

The current “privileged” classes e.g blacks and Muslims, will eventually be brought into line once their use is finalised. Does anyone seriously imagine that George Soros gives a damn about some Nigerian or Pakistani? They are just pawns to be used to achieve an end, the destruction of the west and Ireland is one of many conquests. Despite what the liberal progressives say, Ireland wont be given any special grace, but will be subsumed into the beige vastness of mediocrity along with all the other previous nations.

The migrant, albeit a self interest party, is just a pawn and the media are enthralled when nationalists challenge the pawns instead of the chess players. Why? it gives the journalists further emotionalised ammunition to be fired into the collective but dull consciousness of the “normie” Irish. The Irish have become petrified of being called a pejorative name. One can only imagine what the Irish who fought at Clontarf would have said to the accusation of “viking-phobe”. How unbelievable soft Irish men have become where they fear being labelled the absurd.

Make no mistake about it, we are living in a time where treachery is as common as sand is in the Sahara. Why is this happening you might inquire? One can speculate and say it is the result of a perfect storm; where hitherto institutions lost their moral authority and that was seized upon by a mass media with an axe to grind and a utopia to create. However, this alone can’t answer the question. Ireland got the scent of mass consumerism and couldn’t let go. It became impossible to satiate the appetite of greed in Ireland and there were plenty of malicious outsiders who were aware of this gluttony and knew how to weaponise it.

History, if it has any integrity at all, will record that this present generation of Irish are the very worst of the worst, worse that will be and ever can be. The whole sale complicity of many Irish who either intentionally or with indifference seek to destroy a nation within one generation, would be the highest crime of treason amongst even the most treacherous of people.

John B keane’s book, “ the field” captured the avarice and pathology of ownership in Ireland. The line, where Bull McCabe admonishes himself while at the same time informing Maggie the lengths to which he would go to acquire the field, is revealing.
“No… No… Curse myself. For cursing my mother to hell. To get the field”
The Bull McCabe was ready to curse his mother to hell to get his hands on a field, and it seems the Irish, en masse, are prepared to curse themselves too, and give away their motherland for a new flat screen TV.