Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

Have you ever wondered why globalism is championed by the oddest of bed fellows? the troika of a wealthy elite, a progressive liberal middle class and a manipulated angry proletariat?

The first cohort, the wealthy elite, are the easiest to understand. The wealthy elite compromise of people who are uncompromising when it comes to the accumulation of power. They have all that money can buy and when bored with that indulge in their own fantasies that allows them to conceive of utopias and eugenic programmes to get them there. Money may seem to be the purpose that drives the motives of these vipers in suits but that would be wrong, it is power. Money is merely a means to acquiring power. Ultimately money without power is like sex appeal on an uninhabited desert island, it becomes meaningless. In the same way sex appeal, to be considered beneficial, can be truly realised only where sex appeal can work its magic amongst those who fall victim to it. Similarly, the acquisition of money, over and above that which one needs to survive, soon becomes purposeless unless there is something more to achieve, and that is- power. Money at its most basic understanding represents value, and value is only meaningful if it can be traded for something you don’t already possess. Despite owning very valuable collectibles what can vast wealth achieve for those with every material need and more? The only thing left is power. Power too can be understood to be the greatest manifestation of the narcissist, the egotist, and the psychopath and these are the traits that the uber wealth exhibit in high degrees. Power enables the narcissist, the egotist and psychopath to focus their achievements not in the direction of a priceless painting on the wall, or a brittle Chinese vase in a safe but rather directly towards them. One can imagine that a archetypal George Soros or Bill Gates experiencing far more of a dopamine hit when they see their name associated with the destruction of a thousand year old culture ( via their capitalist philanthropy funding of NGOs) than any Picasso hung to a wall or Ming Dynasty porcelain in a glass casing.

Today’s wealthy elite are the new feudal lords with or without the archaic titles and trappings of aristocracy. Much like their historical aristocratic simulacra, the nouveau aristos intend to wield power at the expense of the plebs they lord over and choose to do so without a scintilla of remorse. Surrounded by sycophantic junior narcissists, egotists and psychopaths, those underlings who nourish their masters with platitudes and affirmation, the wealthy envision their plans for world dominance in an intellectual vacuum devoid of empathy for those who will be affected by such grandiose designs. Take one look at the eugenics of the late 19th, early 20th century and you see a virtual list of the ruling elite and the wealthy. Men such as Sir Francis Galton, Erasmus Darwin (father of Charles), T H Huxley, William Beveridge, H G Wells, Ford and Rockefeller etc. So today is no different. Wealthy men and women with so much time on their hands and little else to do but fill it with designs for ultimate power.

Skipping a cohort for a moment, the proletariat are also easily understood. The desire to foment rebellion of the status quo that see them languishing in the undergrowth of society means they are ripe for dissent. Invariably the inciters of this dissent tend to come from higher up the food chain. It might explain why we see privately educated “socialists” like Paul Murphy, Richard Boyd Barret and Mary Lou McDonald agitating the working classes to achieve a revolution here in Ireland.
One shouldn’t forget that comrade Lenin, born Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, grew up in a middle-class family in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Unlike most Russians he attended school achieving first in his class in high school and attended Kazan Imperial University, where he was studying law. And who funded the Bolshevik revolution but a financier, Jacob Schiff who was head of the New York investment firm Kuhn, Loeb and Co. Schiff was one of the principal backers of the Bolshevik revolution and personally financed Trotsky’s trip from New York to Russia. He was a major contributor to Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign and an advocate for passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Sounds rather familiar doesn’t it? Substitute Soros for Schiff, and you have a ready financed modern revolution at the ready.

Socialists and communists will always point of course to the coercive elements of private property as a means of alienating the connections. With greater scrutiny however, the communist cause is merely an extension of liberal arguments that were made against aspects of feudalism, aristocracy, and monarchy. Communism is the natural conclusion of unregulated free markets, the rational basis as you will for the emergence of a communistic system requires the existence of a free market ideal. As Marx observed, the free market sets the scene for communism: the market destroys the family, feudal arrangements, and the Church; the final step is to abolish property itself—therefore Marx was quite giddy by the free market and its potential to transform society, and lavished praises on as an engine of creative destruction. Communist Antonio Gramsci redeveloped the assault envisioning a long march of materialistic ideology through the institutions that impeded it. The alienation and the anger, working on envy and now historical grievances, were always the best way of controlling the working classes. The control was never to be relinquished despite promises to the contrary. The working class were merely the blunt weapon or bludgeon those higher up the food chain would enable and manage.

Peter Sutherland, a doyen of the globalist elites in Europe, infamously declared that the homogeneity of nations must be destroyed. Why? Because pluralism causes distrust and division, and distrust and division make a populace distracted from those controlling them redirecting them instead to concentrate on those competing in gutters for scraps. Why else would working class communists in Ireland, who promote mass immigration that will lower wages and increase competition for housing etc, assault and harangue working class nationalists who want to protect their livelihood? The answer is simple. The working class communists are being deceived by middle class managers who feign empathy for the former’s cause. In the cold light of day, those middle class agitators will end up destroying the people they apparently seek to protect.

The wealthy elite enjoy manipulating the working classes to do their dirty work for them issuing a clarion call for change when the very phenomenon of change will be detrimental to those fighting for it at the coalface. Does anyone with a modicum of sense truly believe that men like George Soros or Bill Gates gives a damn about working people, Africans, Muslims or homosexual causes? Of course not. These are but devices to enable the useful idiots ( a term Lenin used for the gullible western backers of communism) to act as selfless battering rams used to destroy a civilisation their own working class kith and kin suffered to create. For example, look at any Catholic Church in Ireland and the funding amassed to purchase altars, statues, Church buildings came from the meagre coffers of devout Irish men and women. Meanwhile, foreign money is funding their annihilation, and invariably the funding and annihilation is being perpetrated by the descendants of those same irish men and women who gave their all to worship a faith they loved.

The middle class cohort are the most difficult to understand. Their children are intelligent cooperators,and collaborators with the destruction of a civilisation they have no right to give away. No generation owns Ireland for it belongs to, as GK Chesterton wrote, the democracy of the dead as well as those yet to come. This generation are but custodians of it, nothing more. However, the hubris of the middle class in line with their avant garde notions of enlightenment and liberal egalitarianism that tends to inhabit streets miles away from their gilded ones, seems quaintly convenient. The model man for a liberal is an abstract rational calculator because they can afford to view the world in that way. I imagine a return to nature soon enough where the mantra “ each man for himself,” becomes the necessary hue and cry of the day, the middle class dilettante will hastily abandon his enlightened haughtiness and have to compete for scarce resources like everyone else.

The middle class mindset is visible in the mass media where they dominate. Their guffawing at nationalism as if it were some hideously grotesque circus freak, relies purely on their own present security and abundance. However, as William Golding’s “The Lord of The Flies” depiction of brutal nature, pleasantries and hubris become obsolete quickly when sheer survival is at stake. The middle classes ability to delay gratification and suppress instincts like jealousy and envy, especially through rationalisation, persist only when the horizon remains sunny. Add some dark clouds and the delayed gratification becomes a recipe for extinction. The mind of the middle-classes is a clinical psychologists wet dream. It is replete with cognitive dissonances being played out. The engage in the awkward attempts to reconcile the basic instinct to survive against deep seated unconscious guilt for having far more than many deserve, especially this present generation. The other is manifest in the discord between pride, in what they have ostensibly achieved in materialistic consumer terms ( the new SUV car, the extension, the summer home) and disgust, or the knowledge that deep down their achievements have resulted in selling out the culture that their forebears sacrificed to protect.

At a micro level the middle class liberal presents themselves to be secure allowing themselves to be repressed; it is part of how they demonstrate their value to those they compete against for higher reputation: “I’m a trustworthy co operator; you can trust me because I conform, because I restrain myself and closely follow social norms” or “I know how to wear a tie in the right way, I send the right signals—I went to the right university.” This might explain why the middle classes, especially those in the mass media have become a second front so to speak, for the wealthier globalists.At the macro level, It was the middle class journalists who twisted the truth to destroy the pillars of Ireland and their motive? To enhance their reputation to the wider world. To signal to the world, that “ we are as sophisticated in the butchery of the unborn, or destruction of the traditional family as you are over there”.

Cui bono? The wealthy elites of course. They are the ones who manage the localised managerial class, otherwise known as the middle class and do so with the prospect of greater reputation; the nectar and ambrosia of the middle class liberal. The system of manipulation Incomplete, the localised managerial class or the middle class, with their kudos waiting in the wings, then get to act out their own bona fides by managing the gullible working class communists to do the heavy lifting in destroying a culture that existed for millennia.