The Iatros Clinic in Munich is now refusing to treat Russians and Belarusians amid a NATO-led crusade of hatred and xenophobia against all things Russian.

A statement from the German hospital explains that “from now on and until further notice, we will not treat Russia and Belarusian citizens.”

The German media outlet RTL, one of the nation’s largest, reported that the Bavarian private clinic is receiving a hell-storm of complaints against its racism-fueled policy change.

“We strongly condemn the invasion of the Russian army with the help of the Belarusian government,” the announcement from Iatros explains about the reasoning for the change.

In other words, because the owners of the Iatros Clinic watched the news and saw Russian man bad, they decided to punish everyone of Russian and Belarusian descent who lives in Germany by depriving them of access to medical care.

Seems reasonable, right? Maybe to corporate media consumers.

In response to a backlash of criticism, the Iatros Clinic issued a follow-up statement claiming that its only intention was “to show sympathy for the Ukrainian people.”

“At that point in time, this thought had not been thought through to the end,” it further stated. “We fully accept this criticism.”

In other words, the knee-jerk propaganda campaign launched by the media immediately following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused panic and hysteria among people who believed it, causing them to feel hatred towards Russians and Belarusians.

“We are far from discriminating against or excluding patients because of their origin,” Iatros now claims. “We apologize for giving this impression.”

Meanwhile, Iatros has donated 10,000 euros to Doctors Without Borders to help support its operations in Ukraine, whatever those might be.

Same people who decried “anti-Asian hate” are now openly hating people of Russian and Belarusian descent

Anti-Russian racism appears to be spreading throughout the NATO world as angry corporate news consumers pour out their Russian vodka, block Russian people on social media, and even fire Russian people from their jobs.

The very same people who screamed and wailed when the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was linked to China, calling that revelation “anti-Asian hate,” are now on a hate spree themselves against all things Russian because of what they saw on television or from the White House.

The hypocrisy is simply stunning, and something we have come to expect from the types of people who digest and believe everything they are told, even when none of it makes any sense.

These folks fully bought in to the narrative that wearing a paper and plastic face mask would magically protect them from a plandemic virus. They also believed that taking a “vaccine” produced at warp speed for a few sniffles was the best thing they could do for their health.

Now, these people are outraged and plastering their social media accounts with Ukrainian flags because the same sources that lied to them before are lying to them once again – and stupidly, these people are believing the lies a second time.

“The current conditions resemble Germany 1933,” wrote someone in response to the Iatros Clinic memo. “The evil elite have designated our scapegoats, and now we blithely go about doing their bidding.”

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