Bosco – (Irish Sentinel Contributor) –

A bill proposed to amend the provisions of the Irish Constitution is currently being proposed in Dail Eireann. The proponents of the bill, the usual suspects ( globalist politicians of all stripes and colours) aim to amend the Irish Constitution inserting text ( which will be discussed below) after section 2 of Article 43 of the Constitution.
The proposed text that would amend the existing contents of the Constitution pertaining to property rights is found in the following;
The State, in particular, recognises the common good as including the right to secure, affordable, dignified housing, appropriate to need, for all the residents of Ireland and shall guarantee this right through its laws, policies and the prioritisation of resources. The State, accordingly, shall delimit the right to private property where it is necessary to ensure the common good and to vindicate the said right to housing for all in Ireland.

No doubt the government spin masters will do as they always do and manage to deceive vast swathes of the Irish population, invariably using emotionalism to achieve their ends. There is previous as we know. As with the accursed abortion referendum the triumvirate of the evil, gullible or just plain stupid were told the heinous practice would be safe, legal and rare. Of course anyone with a scintilla of common sense knew this was never going to be the case. With over 15,000 babies lost to mass approved genocide a generation of Irish will never the see the light of day and this crime against humanity was approved by the people, people who were fed lies and distortions, their malleable emotions preyed upon by contrived rhetoric and unfinished sob stories to secure the outcome ( the sob stories were unfinished because while the woman on the bus to England was replete with descriptions of loneliness, sadness and fear, the baby soon to be dismembered was entirely ignored from the depiction).
There is little doubting that we live in a country where the political class is, bar only one or two exceptions, utterly morally bankrupt. These political mountebanks can manufacture consent with ease, relying on a populace that is ably harnessed on account of the people’s own insatiable appetite for self-interest. We inhabit a nation now where most of those in it would seemingly gladly sell the culture to anyone in return for a new car, holiday abroad or perhaps even a free porcelain mug. The mass approval is of course achieved ably through a conduit of cunning manipulation; the equally corrupt machinations of dysfunctional a mass media apparatus.

To properly navigate the current political system it is imperative that those who engage with the process do so armed with knowledge, the knowledge that all political policies, strategies and laws engineered by the State should always be viewed through the prism of an unbridled corruption of that State. Corruption it is the vernacular of the political elite in this country as well as the mass media complex they capably manage. A singular motive lies at the heart of the present political system and that is self-interest. Every soundbite that emanates from this corrupt class should be properly understood from the perspective that those making it are irredeemably crooked. Every proposed legislative novelty or constitutional amendment ought to be interpreted with the knowledge that those who drafted it did so in a way to engineer a self-interested outcome, an outcome that serves a true purpose alien to the one that the population are meant to believe.

Living as we do now in a state that upends a true conception of the common good for one that masquerades as one, it is incumbent on any rational person with even a modicum of common sense, to be vigilant as to the true intentions of a political machine even if what is offered appears beneficial from first or casual reading.

Let’s examine briefly the text with more scrutiny. The beginning of the text we read
‘The State, in particular, recognises the common good’
Sadly from recent experience (the implausible Covid 19 response that has bankrupted the State) the very State given the power to decide what is and what isn’t in the common good demonstrated that their understanding of what is the common good , is vastly different to what many ordinary citizens believed it to be. I needn’t go into here but suffice to say that policies that were engineered resulting in the terrorising of the population, or those calling on citizens to “rat on each other”, others that ensured that citizens died alone in nursing homes or hospital wards, or those that demanded a heavy handedness by authorities, as well as ambiguities that were carefully crafted to appeal to plausible deniability, were all performed in antithesis of what any sane person would conceive the common good to be. If these policies, mandates, and laws were realised for the common good, then God help us all for more renditions of it. To reiterate, just because the drafters use language that on its face appears benign doesn’t actually mean it will be nor will its interpretation.

Next we come to the phrase,
‘appropriate to need’
We have already seen the roles of some faceless bureaucrats deciding what is “appropriate” in the circumstance, resulting in the absurd, for example the coercion of face mask wearing despite their ineffectivenes. Faceless bureaucrats, informed by other faceless junior politicians who are in turn encouraged by faceless lobbyists deciding what is “needed”creates a maze of unaccountability. This usually means too that requirements are assessed through some opaque and irrational political ideology such as those currently pushing gender dysphoria on to susceptible young minds at schools .What is’ needed’ therefore will be evaluated through the lens of political ideology that is favoured and pushed by those in the shadows and the brown envelopes that accompany their suggestions.

Will housing be subject to the ideology of white privilege meaning that the appropriateness of designating who will and who wont receive housing be conditioned upon eliminating first historical grievances for imagined slights? Perhaps a native IRISH person’s ‘appropriate to need’ might be assessed then relegated to the bottom of priorities under some ideological aegis of diversity? We already know that Irish people who have been on housing lists have been overlooked in favour recipients favoured by political benefactors to enhance the latter’s reputation in the virtue signalling stakes.

Another line is equally interesting, all the residents of Ireland. To be resident does not equate with citizenship. An immigrant for example will under this terminology have the right to housing as a citizen. Then again, being a citizen of this country has become increasingly meaningless since the political classes have adopted Peter Sutherland’s thesis of destroying the homogeneity of European nations. In effect, anyone and anybody can become a citizen these days. The residency requirement however will allow those who are yet to be certified as citizens to have equal access to housing.
The most troubling line of all declares that ‘The State, accordingly, shall delimit the right to private property where it is necessary’. The word delimit is code for undermining hitherto constitutional rights to private property ownership. The verb effectively vitiates the existing right altogether when read with the catch all phrase where it is necessary’. Who decides where it is necessary? but the cabal interpreting the laws, the courts; judges drawn from the same ideological schools as the people who put them there. Remember, during the whole lockdown debacle the courts were mute, they had an opportunity to scrutinise the lawfulness of the measures for example when John Waters and Gemma O Doherty brought an action, but the petitioners and their claims were soundly rejected ab initio.
Whenever a corrupt State such as the present one in existence in Ireland is given the legal power to delimit anything it is cause to worry. We know from recent experience that the Irish political class serve only one entity, themselves, that the Irish State is nothing but a vassal for the American Deep State and other globalists. We know this because the same quarters are wholly enthusiastic in destroying Irish culture in a one shortened generation.

It’s all pretence, subterfuge, distraction, but more obvious than cloaks and mirrors, it is just a bad magic trick where the effects will cause those who participate in it, by force, to cry ‘oh no’ rather than a ‘ oh wow’.