Four-hundred and fifty extremists from Idlib, north-west Syria have arrived in Ukraine according to Al Mayadeen.

Hailing from Idlib – the “largest Al Qaeda haven since 9/11”-  these fanatics from various countries have been despatched to Ukraine to fight against the Russian forces that alongside the Syrian Arab Amy signified the end of their Caliphatist dreams in Syria. 

Vanessa Beeley – Off Guardian –

These extremists passed through Turkey, a NATO member state, to arrive at their destination in western Ukraine. According to Al Mayadeen:

senior fighters from the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir-Al-Sham (rebranded version of Jabhat Al Nusra aka Al Qaeda) have held a number of meetings with senior leaders in the Turkistan Islamic Party group and Ansar Al Tawhid and Hurras Al Din groups, and agreed on allowing a number of their fighters to enter Ukraine through Turkey”.

According to the Counter Extremist Project

Hurras al-Din and its leaders are U.S. Specially Designated Global Terrorists. The U.S. presently offers a $5 million reward for information on three of its leaders” 

Yet here they are fighting for NATO member states, led by the US, in Ukraine, alongside the NATO fascist and Neo-Nazi contras.

Sources in Idlib added that these foreign fighters are veterans of the war against Syria led by the US and UK, bankrolled by Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The fighters had been causing issues in Idlib and “were given this opportunity to fight against Russia as a compromise by which they would receive a new start and with an acceptable income”.

Does that mean they were receiving a more-than-acceptable income in Syria? It is well known that Al Qaeda and affiliates are benefiting financially from the dirty war against Syria. 

The fighters were apparently given assurances that their families would be allowed to follow on and settle in Ukraine. It must be noted that the Zionist influence in western Ukraine and particularly Kiev consists of a vast web of military, intelligence and ideological projects.

The inclusion of these Islamist extremist mercenaries in the war against Russia in Ukraine demonstrates the collusion between Israel and these terrorist gangs, already documented multiple times in Syria. 

Around 300 of the terrorists are Syrian nationals from Idlib and Aleppo countryside, 150 are Belgian, French, Chinese (Uighurs), Moroccan, Tunisian, Chechen and British nationals.

The Syrian nationals will receive around $1200 – $1500 but there is no figure given for the foreign nationals. Bear in mind an average Syrian Arab Army soldier receives 70,000 Syrian Pounds per month, around $ 20. 

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that 16000 foreign mercenaries will fight for Ukraine.

So, NATO member states are yet again turning a sovereign nation into a battlefield  using mercenaries and fanatics to defend their agenda – to blockade and besiege Russia on the western flank and to ensure NATO expansion east despite the Minsk agreements. 

Russian President, Vladimir Putin had warned German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz of the growing number of foreign mercenaries operating in Ukraine during a telephone conversation on the 4th March. 

This is not the first evidence of Syrian extremist armed groups heading to Ukraine. Militant Wire Telegram channel had previously reported that a Syrian businessman, Tariq Al Jasem from the southern Aleppo countryside had formed a faction to fight against Russia in Ukraine.

Al Jasem’s links to extremists in Syria was later confirmed by Syrian researcher, Ibrahim Mohammed Wahdi.

One thing is for sure, confronting Russian forces on the ground in Ukraine will be a very different experience for these Islamist terrorists who benefitted from extensive rat runs in the areas they occupied in Syria, spending most of their time underground while Syrian civilians were used as human shields above ground.

There are no tunnels for them to escape to in Ukraine, they will be exposed to the full force of a Russian military already experienced in dealing with these terrorist groups after six years battling them successfully  in Syria. 


The pseudo humanitarian organisation embedded with Al Qaeda and affiliates in Syria, the White Helmets, are now offering to “help Ukrainians organise their first responders” according to an opinion piece by Josh Rogin for Washington Post

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