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It is said by many that we are living in an age of confusion, but perhaps confusion always abounded but we have merely become aware of it during this present time. History records events that seemingly have one narrative and then years later we understand it quite differently given new evidence that might emerge, or files declassified. From the Gleiwitz incident in Poland that precipitated invasion in 1939 to the bay of Tonkin in 1964 that gave cause for the USA to directly participate in the Vietnam conflict. At the time, any attempt to question these events was met with a type of accusation we are all now very familiar with, “conspiracy theorist”.

As a war wages between Russia and Ukraine, no ordinary pundit truly knows all the facts and therefore we tend to speculate given the information we do know. There are persons who believe the current eastern conflict is a distraction against the vaccination death rates that are climbing, or that Putin is a defender of Christian nationalism, or he is just part of the grand theatre where all sides of the war are on the same side. Who knows, I certainly don’t. However, one thing I can attest to is the blatant hypocrisy that is currently under way in the west.

In one respect it is quite fascinating to see the propaganda machine so exposed, yet despite the exposure, very few “normies” seem to be able to digest the true nature of the exercise.

What I am going to say here is no a defence of Putin, or Russia. In fact Putin and Russia will be largely irrelevant to my discussion other than to highlight, compare and contrast the demonisation of one nation for taking particular action, when the very same denigrating nations perpetrated the same charges.

In 2003 a US led coalition of allies invaded the sovereign territory of Iraq. Ireland too gave material support to the invasion by allowing US planes refuel at Shannon airport. In the aftermath of the invasion that was based on fraud ( the pretext to invasion concerned the presence of weapons of mass destruction, of which there were none) prominent international legal experts regarded the US-British invasion of Iraq as a clear breach of international law. The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) in Geneva articulated its “deep dismay that a small number of states are poised to launch an outright illegal invasion of Iraq, which amounts to a war of aggression.”
According to the ICJ, such “a war waged without a clear mandate from the United Nations Security Council would constitute a flagrant violation of the prohibition of the use of force.” The commission emphasised that Security Council Resolution 1441 does not authorise the use of force.
Kofi Annan, then secretary general of the United Nations also condemned the invasion for being illegal.
Incontrovertible proofs have emerged too that the overthrowing of a democratically elected government in Ukraine in 2014 was in fact a US staged coup, organized by the U.S. Government — instigating the ‘new Cold War’. In response Russia’s Government have reacted to American aggression, which many claim aims to place nuclear missiles in Ukraine, on Russia’s doorstep. During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, America had cause to fear Soviet nuclear missiles 103 miles from America’s coastline and in response to the proposed establishment of missiles in Cuban by the USSR, the Americans made strong demands which precipitated mass global anxiety that a nuclear war may unfold. The Americans indeed were so petrified that Cuba might be used by the soviets that in 1961 the US government had armed Cuban exiles to overthrow Fidel Castro, the event we now call the ‘bay of pigs’ invasion. Fast forward over half a century and the American led West are chastising the Russians for protecting their own defence.
Conversation between Victoria Nuland, U.S. President Barack Obama’s central agent overseeing the coup, at least during the climax of the event in February 2014, was instrumental not only in overthrowing the existing Ukrainian Government, but in selecting and installing its rabidly anti-Russian stooge. A 27th of January 2014 phone-conversation between her and America’s Ambassador in Ukraine, Jeffrey Pyatt was a particularly seminal event in highlighting American involvement.
A phone-conversation took place in Ukraine and was recorded between the EU’s Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton and her agent, Estonia’s Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet, investigating whether the overthrow had been a revolution or instead a coup. Paet told Ashton that it had been a coup, and that “somebody from the new coalition” had engineered it — but he didn’t know who exactly. Ashton had apparently told Paet that she had herself told the Maidan demonstrators, “you need to find ways in which you can establish a process that will have anti-corruption at its heart” Ashton said. While the EU was disturbed that this had been a coup, they were far more concerned to protect their investments. While the EU clearly wasn’t behind Ukraine’s coup, they were wholly indifferent as to whether it was a coup or a ‘revolution’. What mattered was protecting their interests. And this is the entity the Ukrainians want to build greater ties?
In reality as information suggests the network behind this coup had actually started planning for the coup back in 2011. This is when Eric Schmidt of Google, and Jared Cohen, also of Google but unofficially acting as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief person tasked to plan ‘popular movements’, organised to overthrow both Yanukovych in Ukraine, and Assad in Syria. So much for protecting democracy and sovereignty?

The US and its western allies persistently propagandise the public into thinking that the west support ideals such as democracy, that the west rails against tyranny and oppression. This is all a lie. For years the West has adopted policies that undermine the integrity of nation’s culture, and sovereignty. Peter Sutherland, doyen of Fine Gael was on the record stating that for the EU project to be successful, the homogeneity of nation states must be disturbed and we are seeing this play out in every country in the west where the indigenous are being assaulted through policies of mass immigration at alarming rates.

It isn’t just Europe under assault. During the summer of 2021 the Ghanian President Nana Okufo Addo openly condemned the conditioning of financial aid from the west on the proviso that African countries legalise and support globalhomo in their homelands. The attempts by the west to impose their value system on other countries who reject it is a blatant attack on sovereignty and democracy, but the attack doesn’t stop there.
The World Congress of Families and its Africa representative, Theresa Okafor, has been active in Nigeria for years attempting, often in vain, to curb the onslaught of western driven progressive propaganda which attacks native cultural values. Okafor appeared at the 2013 World Congress of Families where she repeated that the push for LGBT equality is a sign of cultural imperialism and moral decay in the West.
Okafor described the debt that Africa had to the missionaries from the West, but how much had changed, “We’re alarmed that the same ones that brought religion are trying to ostracise religion… Religion has been replaced by a new cult—the cult for equality.” She said.

The various colour revolutions around the world, which has undermined indigenous elections, from Lebanon to Egypt, Yemen to Georgia have been orchestrated by the west, and the media which now denounces Russia aggression largely stood silent. The reason for these western incursions is not motivated to do good but rather to acquire influence and wealth and they leave a trail of misery behind them. We know this to be true because here in Ireland we have seen our unique culture be replaced with a franchise from America.

In Ireland we have seen unbridled attacks on our culture through various American funded enterprises, most notably George Soros’s capitalist philanthropy in particular the vehicle, Open Society. Soros and his ilk are ostensibly responsible, at least indirectly, for the murder of 15,000 Irish babies as a result of their propagandising during the abortion referendum. Soros has played a major part too in unsettling Ukraine. Quelle surprise!

The response to the Russian invasion has resulted in intellects like footballer Alan Shearer demand Roman Abramovich to denounce the war. I never heard from Shearer asking the owner of Liverpool football club, John Henry to denounce American coups? Of course, the public outrage has gone into over drive and this is a phenomenon that is increasing by the day. I call it the “ Diana Spencer “ effect, where members of the general public embark on embarrassing public displays of emotion over headlines in the media, and soon get tired of it, until a new event, manufactured by the media, takes it place.

When the US and its allies engaged in an illegal war in Iraq in 2003, did FIFA expel the US, England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland from any competition? Of course not. We see US backed Saudi Arabia causing untold misery in Yemen, has the west turned its back on the oil rich tyrants? Nope. Israel have persistently engaged in illegal occupation of Palestine, were Israel thrown of the FIFA competitions? Were Israeli athletes and celebrities dismissed from their jobs for being Israeli? NO, but Russians have, Formula one driver Nikita Mazepin for example.
Apparently while live on air an Irish priest , a FR McDonagh, threw red paint on the gates of the Russian embassy to highlight his disgust at Russian aggression, and urged others to do commit criminal acts on the premises. Did McDonagh throw red paint on dail Eireann for its policy of mass child murder? Or sexualising children with LGBT propaganda? Or for causing untold misery during the Covid debacle? Or for Ireland’s complicity in the illegal Iraq invasion? Of course not.

One cannot sit down and watch sport without some anti racism motif, or rainbow laces on show. Notice how the media, celebrities and the sporting world would never ever wear a ribbon denouncing abortion? Would UEFA ever establish a day that players will wear a cross on their sleeve to highlight the assault on Christians world wide? Sick of sport, then tune into a movie and again, bombarded with political contrivance in the form of multiculturalism or a gay character. Hell, even the advertisements in between are loaded with propaganda from mixed race couples to queer caricatures.
Ever since Edward Bernays was employed by Eisenhower to gain US public approval to attack Guatemalan sovereignty in the 1950s, the US and her allies have upended democracy, sovereignty, and autonomy around the world. The West’s response? Tacit approval. There was certainly little condemnation.
As for Ukraine, who seriously who want to cosy up to the west? The west are keeping their distance a tad, but that wont stop them engaging in a proxy war by supplies arms to Ukrainian citizens. The west’s response is to stay out of it but they were very quick to come to the aid of Kuwait. I guess Iraqi forces offered less resistance to the Russians. And make no mistake about it, ordinary Ukrainians are pawns to be sacrificed in Western hegemony all the while the western media condemn the Russians for doing exactly what the West do, defend themselves.
The hypocrisy is so stark now that Facebook, or META, went public to denounce Russia for censorship, despite Facebook having a long well documented record of censoring anyone who might disagree with the world view the tech giants disseminate.
I don’t know for sure what is going on behind the scenes, but in front of them, I see nothing but unabashed hypocrisy stoked up the media and western governments who have a track record of being tyrants dressed as democrats.

Rules for thee but not for me