The Diana Crouch story we published a couple weeks ago is a baseline article for mainstream media 2022 propaganda. We’re going to repeat a couple sentences from the last section of that article herein:

The entire world is a stage. That’s a scary thought to digest. But think about it. War is known as “theater” in the history books and dictionaries. Television shows are called “programs.” Most laws in the United States are called “acts.”

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China, Europe and the United States are constantly re-colonizing the African continent with very little media coverage. That’s because Russia, China and Western powers have no respect whatsoever for sub-Saharan Africans and essentially use the Continent for oil, diamonds, slaves and apartheid colonies. Imperial control and manipulation of Africa is just considered “normal” over the last 500 years. But when wars happen between Russia, Europe/USA, and/or Asia, there are always deeper motives than what’s obvious on the surface.

We now know that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to U.S. troops being deployed in Vietnam was fake. Then there’s 9/11. Mainstream media propaganda platform, Wikipedia, even had to admit that 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. In fact, none of them were from Iraq or Afghanistan.

Hell, even President George W. Bush admitted Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

But the United States attacked Iraq and Afghanistan in retaliation for 9/11, not Saudi Arabia, which makes zero sense to critical thinkers. The truth is that Saddam Hussein stopped accepting U.S. dollars for oil in 1999. If that pattern held, the petrodollar would have crashed completely within five years. So the United States killed Saddam Hussein. Problem solved.

Then of course there is Syria. The “Assad gassed his own people” lie was disseminated across global mainstream media as justification for U.S. (“NATO”) military operations there. The BBC, among others, finally admitted it was lie years later, long after the damage was done to Syria.

Dissecting war propaganda in real-time is always a challenge. But there are already far too many holes in the Ukraine narrative, as young people across the globe continue dropping dead in mass numbers.

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This blogger wants to be crystal clear. People are dying in Ukraine, just like people are dying everywhere from mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. In fact there is plenty of raw footage from the war zones showing that the war is real. Jump to the 0:30 second mark in the following video.

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