Harry Potter is something White people really enjoy. There’s also been outrage that bankers are depicted as peculiar goblins. So, that’s probably why they’re attempting to erase JK Rowling for pointing out the obvious about trannies. If she doesn’t approve of them, I’d assume there’s a whole range of things pushed by these people that aren’t featured in her novels.

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The New York Times is leading the charge with an obese black something serving as the front for the operation. They’re even taking out subway adds. Notice how they don’t even mention her name:

I doubt Lianna could imagine a hut that a beaver would find fit for habitation.

Since they hate us and see our existence as a problem to fix as they repair the world, imagining things that we built without us in them is a mental exercise they perform. It’s such a creepy idea that it never occurs to the average person. However, this dynamic is changing because what they’re doing keeps getting worse. That’s why the “great replacement” recognition has elicited so much media hysteria along with “the big lie” awareness they assumed people would permanently lose. They’re freaking out, and they should, since they can’t reform themselves and become decent human beings.

This creature will replace someone who can write a coherent series of novels.

The new Lord of the Rings series is going to showcase diversity. Of course, this doesn’t make sense. It’s all based on Christian and Norse influences. The author was someone with an academic mastery of these subjects. I’d never read Harry Potter, but I’ve been through these a few times.

One of the concepts in Tolkien’s work is how evil forces are capable only of corruption, not creation. “Oh, yeah? Well, we’re gonna corrupt the hell out of the point you were trying to get across” seems to be the impetus for making this billion-dollar show. If they were after money, they would’ve just stuck to the original formula that made the trilogy movies some of the best-selling of all time.

Nobody’s ever tried something like this before.

Normal people might not notice what a dissident notices in particular, but they can discern it in volume. So, if someone was going to notice, now would be the time. It has become the focus of modern entertainment and advertisement production. It’d be nice to pretend we spend all of our free time reading esoteric history or hunting big game. But, most of us do watch some television, so it’s a good medium for commentary.

The first thing to point out is that these are deliberate casting decisions, so if the black actor doesn’t fit the character, why was this person chosen? Since it’s clearly not to benefit the plot, then why? Take Anne Boleyn for example:

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