Dave Butler – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

We should all be so grateful to the Prime Minister of Canada. While silly working class peons, tried to opt out of a medical experiment, he stood firmly on the moral high ground of might-makes-right. Why didn’t the fools get the memo? The blight of industrial action was vanquished last century by Thatcher et al. It has no place in a modern socialist state.
He boldly upheld the democratic principle of refusing to talk with his aggrieved citizens and instead had the courage to demonise them through his propaganda outlets.

Like a true hero he was measured and restrained. He only stole their donations and heating fuel. He closed their bank accounts and doxed thousands of their donors. He wasn’t able to steal their trucks yet, but never doubt, that will be part of his future reprisals. In the noble cause of freedom, he finally sent his robocops to beat them down. So loving and magnanimous was the great leader that he only threatened to shoot the truckers’ pets and kidnap their children, less compassionate head boys would have followed through.

Brave Justin, managed all this while he himself was under siege from Covid. Although he had the bullet proof immunity afforded by his three safe and effective shots, he was forced to take refuge from the mortal danger that the reckless, unvaccinated protesters posed to himself and his loved ones.

Livestock always need a firm hand. No decent rancher would allow a minority of his cattle to opt out of having their horns sawn off. The Science would have been held back if Joseph Mengele had had to wait for volunteers at Auchwitz. Fauci’s drug tests would have been severely hampered if he had gone soft on the orphans he was forcing to take them.

We have good cause to celebrate this victory over bodily sovereignty.
Only deniers, who can’t face the reality that they are slaves, hold on to the obsolete notion that they own their own bodies. The Canadian Trucker debacle has sent a clear message, that people of the world must understand and accept… you are simply human resources, and are therefore naturally the rightful property of the global, fascist corporatocracy.

Kneel to your masters and beg for their clemency.