There were disgusting scenes on the streets of Colombia last night as the world’s largest producer of cocaine celebrated another way to sacrifice humans for pleasure, by legalising abortion up to 24 weeks.

Catholic Arena –

While some media outlets tried to claim that ‘Catholic Colombia’ had taken the violent and gruesome decision to allow barbaric late term abortions, the country has grown increasingly Protestant in recent years. This is for a number of reasons, but one of them relates to locals abandoning experimental proto Synodal Catholicism which has been practised there for the past few decades, much of Liberation Theology being a creation of US Intelligence Agencies during the Cold War as they sought to keep Catholics from the clutches of Communists. For many, Evangelicalism has just been a stopgap on the road to conversion to Judaism, suggesting that the nation is experiencing a cultural identity crisis at large, not merely related to Catholicism.

In horrific scenes evocative of those in Ireland in 2018, Colombian pro aborts frothed at the mouth as they celebrated the news that they would now be allowed to murder their child up to the 24th week of pregnancy. After two years of being told to ‘follow the science’ and to save the most vulnerable, the face of evil has shown that it was never concerned about either of those.

Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez was delighted at the prospect of children being aborted and said:

After the right to suffrage, this is the most important historic achievement, for the life, autonomy and full and equal realization of women

The birth rate in Colombia has decline by almost 2% per year for the past 5 years, this puts them on the same timeline as Ireland, where birth rates completely collapsed within a decade, with the government dressing up abortion as a blessing to cover for the inability of the country to provide for families.

As in Ireland, only the most delusional could present an incompetent government killing one’s baby as a victory for human rights.

Colombia is a state that, like Ireland, is completely on the wrong track spiritually and materially.

As in Ireland, those who stand up for what is right number the few, but their example still stands. These Catholics prayed in public, only yards from where the anti baby shrieking celebrated killing the unborn.

Catholic Arena