By Helena Handbasket – February 17th 2022

It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to describe what has happened in the last two years as the most idiotic period in human history.

The stupidity of vast numbers of the world’s population has stunned me; not so much the numbers as the depths of stupidity people have complied with unquestioningly with things that, prior to any utterance of the word ‘Covid’, would have been regarded as utterly absurd and the polar opposite to anything regarded, generally, as common sense.

We have witnessed a complete collapse of any rational thought process amongst the general, TV addicted public that at many times over this moronic period in human history has, quite frankly, led me to despair for the future of the human species as we know it. Humanity is on the precipice of total annihilation, by any definition, of what it means to be human.

But that is the plan and that plan is based on the pseudo-science of EUGENICS.

Most people reading this will already understand that depopulation is a huge part of what is happening right now, with murderous scoundrels such as Schwab, Gates and Fauci at the forefront of a global TV promoted genocide, under the illusion of keeping people ‘safe’.

However, depopulation is not the same as population control which is the ultimate agenda, with control being the ultimate goal of those pulling the puppet strings of  the likes of Schwab, Gates and Fauci, to name but a few.

We will never see the puppet masters. They will never expose themselves. To do so would be their demise and so, they have their talking heads in all areas to ensure public compliance with an agenda planned many decades, if not centuries ago. They have all their nefarious chess pieces in place and have done for many decades.

For those of us who have watched this agenda for many years, and who understand that depopulation is never going to be enough for the hidden megalomaniac tyrants who still need a certain number of slaves to do their dirty work, total control of a vastly depleted population is the final solution to achieve their aims.

However, in today’s world, that still cannot be achieved through force which has the problematic consequence resulting in a large number of rebellious people which would always be a problem to the psychopathic ruling class. That large number of rebellious people still exists today.

As we should all know by now, this is an intergenerational agenda and those involved have no issue delaying or slowing down the agenda as pushback seemingly gets beyond their ability to control it. The truth of that assumption is that they have simply pushed hard to achieve a fall-back position whereby they can regroup for the next push. Hence we’re seeing another facet of the Covid agenda starting to come to the fore. Mass ‘vaccination’ was the first goal and has clearly been achieved to their liking or we’d still be in that stage. Travel has been largely curtailed for many, myself included, unless fully ‘vaccinated’ with that definition  changing along with the ever seemingly fluid ‘science’ purporting to justify it.

Smartphone apps, QR codes, restricted entry to certain businesses, medical facilities (if you can access one at all) mask requirements etc. have all now been firmly established, and bizarrely accepted, across the entire developed world as the ‘new normal’ as far as natural human interaction and participation in general society is concerned. That is where we are right now in the timeline of the agenda and it’s taken barely two years to completely transform what was considered ‘normal’.

Clearly, this will be consolidated upon by the next created scare story which is now being rolled out. The next pseudo-pandemic has now been declared.

HIV is now the next deadly disease we all have to be tested for.

The bizarre nature of this claim is that a new deadly strain of HIV has suddenly been discovered in Holland, despite the fact that there is nothing new about it. It’s been around since 1992 and those pushing the ‘new variant’ (a term now embedded in the human psyche) narrative are fully aware of this. Dr. Tony ‘Mengele’ Fauci certainly does; he being one of the main protagonists in the past HIV saga in which himself, amongst others, is responsible for the murder of thousands of AIDS victims through the use of the drug AZT which he and his genocidal bedfellows knew to be lethal.

Gates and Fauci are heavily involved with Moderna, who, prior to the fake Covid pandemic, had never produced a marketable pharmaceutical product. How is it possible that a new company can suddenly, at what was termed ‘warp speed’ produce an ‘experimental’ product with minimal, if any, publicly accessible testing to evaluate its safety or efficacy and have that product rushed through to initiate the biggest global experiment on the public in history at no risk to themselves?

How can that same company now be on the brink of producing another ‘experimental’ mRNA ‘vaccine’, again at ‘warp speed’, to keep us all ‘safe’ just in time, from this not so new, reportedly ‘highly virulent variant’ of HIV?

The simple answer is that it is impossible.

However, fear is the weapon of choice for the megalomaniac psychopaths to push the unclean herd into yet another vast experiment for the control freaks of Big Pharma/Military Industrial Complex. I include the military here as this is a military operation. These ‘vaccines’ are no such thing by any definition and are known to be injuring and killing the unsuspecting recipients of these injections. They are stealth weapons and people have foolishly, through coercion and fear, taken them willingly. In effect, they have committed suicide.

The Addiction to Testing

Fear of the unknown has always been a threat to human beings and the fear of an intangible, invisible and yet claimed to be deadly disease has driven people to the ultimate stupity of action whereby they will repeatedly ‘test’ themselves for it without ever experiencing any health issue supposedly related to the deadly disease. The precedent has now been firmly set with Covid ‘testing’ that this is now normal medical practice whereby a vast number of the world’s population willingly took bogus and highly dangerous PCR ‘tests’ to determine if they had a disease for which they had no symptoms whatsoever, to repeat the point, and if they did happen to have a dose of the sniffles, then that would be classed as clear ‘case’ of having a highly infectious and contagious deadly disease, even though a dose of the sniffles, particularly in winter, is nothing out of the ordinary and something which has never before required invasive and dangerous so-called ‘testing’.

The link to AIDS

Evidence is now emerging that there may well be a link between the proven deadly Covid ‘vaccines’ and the emergence of victims presenting with symptoms similar to those of patients with AIDS. This new disease is now being referred to as VAIDS or ‘Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Would it come as a surprise if Moderna, to name just one despotic pharmaceutical corporation, would callously produce their first ever marketable product to produce further illness and death to promote their second marketable product? I’ll leave you to decide, but bear in mind, there is no profit in healthy people.

Big Pharma has never been in the business of curing disease; that would, in economic terms, be a very bad business model. Their business model is clearly not to cure disease but to keep disease ‘under control’ and therefor continuous, by selling more of their products. The other aspect of a good business model for any business is repeat customers. Big Pharma can only create more customers (victims) by causing new diseases, labelled unfortunate ‘side effects’ which require more drugs, causing more ‘side effects’ to ensure that the cash registers keep ringing with obscene amounts of profit from those unfortunate patients/victims who have been caught in the Big Pharma drug pusher’s trap.

That should be obvious to anyone with enough brain cells to see past what are promoted by prostitute media pundits, blatantly corrupt politicians and so-called ‘experts’ as benevolent corporations. Benevolent corporations, or individuals claiming to be ‘philanthropists’, do not make obscene profits, the price of which is illness and death for many.

If you watch the video linked above, you’ll also notice that he’s involved in HIV. What a surprise that he and Fauci just happen to have yet another ‘vaccine’ in their deadly arsenal ready to go at a moment’s notice.

No doubt the testing narrative will be pushed hard over the next few months to ensure the bogus ‘tests’ produce enough bogus results or ‘cases’ to initiate the rollout of yet another deadly mRNA experimental lethal injection. It’s the same blueprint as Covid.

Testing times for hypocondriacs

The same script will be used for HIV testing as was used for Covid testing and the same fear tactics will be employed by the same organisations and individuals involved in the Covid scam.

So where is this leading?

As mentioned above, population reduction, although a crucial element in the overall agenda, is not the ultimate goal. Population control is the endgame but this requires a vastly reduced population which is easier to control.

But how are they going to reduce the population?

Clearly, they can’t simply and rapidly kill off billions of people. If they could get away with that we’d already be gone. However, they are making it blatantly obvious that there is a serious problem with these injections, not by reporting it, but by covering it up using dubious reasoning, and quite frankly, blatant lies.

Despite what the public are told regarding ‘vaccination rates’ these are clearly bogus figures designed to coerce those reluctant or ‘hesitant’ to take their poison. The rest of us are neither reluctant nor ‘hesitant’. We are outright unwilling to commit suicide to benefit and satisfy the bloodlust of psychopathic megalomaniacs. Unfortunately, in my opinion, at this time enough people have taken the poison to satisfy the first round of population reduction required by those controlling this murderous enterprise.

At the same time, it must be obvious that the vast majority of ‘vaccines’ have been placebos. If not, then the injuries and deaths would be so high that it would be impossible to cover them up and the ‘vaccine’ rollout would be ended simply through public outrage, and no doubt violent retribution, against those visibly accessible and thereby held responsible. The politicians, media pundits and ‘experts’ would be, possibly literally, dead in the water, if not dangling from a bridge above it.

Where we find ourselves now is a situation where large numbers, in the short and long-term will become ill, many terminally, whilst others will die almost immediately. We know that the vast numbers of ‘side effects’, including unprecedented numbers of deaths, are being covered up by those supposedly tasked with protecting the public from such catastrophe, namely the health authorities in their respective jurisdictions and the aforementioned whore media and corrupt politicians.

This will continue as the next bogus scare is rolled out to divert the public attention towards the new threat, which is clear will be HIV.

What are the consequences of terrorising the public into idiotic HIV testing?

Imagine you are in a happy, long-term, trusting relationship; everything is going well. You would imagine that in this scenario, you would never even contemplate any need to have a test for HIV. You personally, whether you’re the male or female in the relationship, have never been an intravenous drug user, never, in the case of the male, had any homosexual tendencies and regard yourself, male or female as a responsible adult in terms of sexual behaviour in adult life. Neither of you have any reason or symptoms to suggest to you that you should be tested. You are not at any risk from HIV.

But the nagging doubt is put into your mind by incessant ads on TV and every talk show and media outlet, whether in print or online, that gets you thinking… “I wonder if (partner’s name here) ever took drugs?“ In the case of a female questioning her male partner’s past, “I wonder if he ever had a homosexual experience?”

And who knows? Maybe there will be new means of contracting HIV invented to possibly make everyone doubt themselves and get them thinking, “Maybe I should just get tested to make sure?”

You can imagine the reaction and consequences of a partner who is suddenly confronted with these types of questions. It is obvious that this will bring stress to any relationship, whether cohabiting or married. “If you’ve nothing to hide them you’ve nothing to fear.”

This is a methodology which will be used to destroy relationships, particularly in their early stages whereby these once happy relationships will be dissolved and what could have been a long-term, normal, child producing family unit will not happen.

“There’s plenty more fish in the sea.” the saying goes, but you’ll inevitably go round in circles doubting every potential long-term partner you happen to meet. The ‘safe’ thing to do would get tested so that you can be put on a database where you can identify potential partners who have been thoroughly tested for whatever ‘disease of the day’ is prevalent, and have been deemed ‘negative’.

But, of course, as mentioned above, the goal is population control by reducing numbers through long-term population reduction. I have no doubt that part of that process is sterilisation of the young, hence the push to inject children. That should be obvious when all empirical evidence shows that children are at statistically zero risk from Covid.

As much as the censors, or so-called ‘Fact Checkers’ would love you to believe, the much misused excuse of ‘Out of context’ would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

You can clearly see the shock in the interviewer’s face as he realises what Bell has said. The fact that the site above won’t even let you see the video to judge for yourself says it all and the fact that Bell was cut of immediately after this comment is damning.

You can watch it here though. At 1.48 he makes the relevant statement…. Remarkably, this is still on YouTube.

Getting back to HIV ‘testing’. If relationships are to be based on how ‘safe’ a potential partner is, particularly in the case of the risk of developing AIDS through sexual transmission, if a couple want children and are so brainwashed and coerced into testing for yet another disease for which they have no reason to test for, and one of them should ‘test’ positive, however bogus that result may be, there is every chance that that particular couple may decide to separate. They may well be encouraged to by external messaging from, not only TV but also medical personal trained and reframed into believing this is a genuine outcome. Perhaps the relationship is strong enough to withstand such evil manipulation and the couple decide to stay together and forego parenthood, other than by adoption. The same outcome for population reduction has still been achieved.

This won’t stop at HIV testing

Having seen the imbecility of vast numbers of people lining up to test for something akin to a common cold, you can guarantee that many, particularly young people will happily line up for an HIV ‘test’ totally unaware that they are victims of a physical and psychological war against humanity. Many have already been brainwashed by the ludicrous lies perpetrated through education and media propagandising the myth of manmade global warming that they truly believe in overpopulation and that they themselves are destroying the planet, so much so that many have already decided not to have children before they’ve even matured into adulthood.

It is clear that the future of relationships is under attack. This is precisely the scenario played out in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ where long-term relationships were deemed illegal and sex was as far as it went with no chance of pregnancy.

In Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ so-called ‘babies’ were produced in labs using genetics to create those with certain traits and resistance to diseases.

If people, even in the so-called ‘truth movement’, really want to understand where this is going, they need to understand that this is all about eugenics. It always has been. The survival of the ‘fittest’ is the goal with the ‘fittest’ being those pulling the strings of power over the dwindling masses.

Testing for ‘undesirable’traits is obviously where this is going. In the future, in my opinion, only those fully up to date with their ‘vaccination schedule’ will be able to get online in any meaningful way. This is how you will ‘meet´ potential partners but they will have to have the ‘desirable’ traits required by you, or even some outside interests, for you to be allowed to procreate, thus producing a ‘child’ engineered to comply with current economic and other needs of those in control.

Dating sites are already trialling the addition of ‘vaccination status’ to user profiles which will inevitably morph into ‘test status’ for such things as HIV. This will then progress to other dubious illnesses you have no symptoms of and will eventually morph, yet again, into genetic testing to ensure you are the correct specimen for a partner on the lookout for the ‘perfected’ man or woman.

This used to be the stuff of science fiction with many TV series and movies made on the subject, including ‘Brave New World’ to prepare the public for such madness.

This is not so much about a test for symptomless diseases or the right genes.

It is a test of humanity’s ability to see the future and decide that it’s not a world they want to comply with. Our Brave New World is there for the taking.

It only takes enough brave people to refuse to comply with insanity which can only lead to one positive outcome.