Eithne Branigan lodged a criminal complaint on Sunday 13 February 2022 at Drogheda Garda Station, Meath, Ireland, after suffering severe adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca injection. Among other things, she has suffered crippling headaches, brain fog and fatigue since shortly after her first dose on 18 May 2021.

BY RHODA WILSON – Daily Expose –

The accused named on the criminal complaint are: the vaccinator; the vaccinator’s superior; the head of the vaccination center; the head of National Immunisation Advisory Committee (“NIAC”); the head of the Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”); and, the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly.

“I have been lied to.  I have been manipulated and I have been damaged for life, physically damaged for life,” Branigan told the police officer.

Branigan has been told that she will never recover from her vaccine-injury.

At the vaccination center, before she was injected, she mentioned that she had “reacted to things over the years” and she was concerned that she was “sensitive.”  The pharmacist reassured her that she had nothing to worry about.  Over the next couple of weeks, she experienced minor adverse reactions such as bruising and “a bit headachy but nothing too bad.”

From a little over two weeks after her injection she became extremely unwell.  She had episodes of loss of vision and two months after her injection she had facial paralysis and felt so unwell she thought she “might die that night.”

She has now seen three neurologists and has been diagnosed with “something that is incurable and … doesn’t respond to medication.”

“My life’s been turned upside down.  I don’t believe I gave informed consent for this,” Branigan said

No More Silence reported her story on 12 December 2021:

“I had the usual reactions at first, which I pretty much ignored. I did have a red mark and lump under the injection site which went across my arm so it caught my attention. On day 16 I woke at 3am and noticed a honeycomb mesh across my vision with vertical and horizontal lines. I went to another room and put on my glasses and switched on the light, and I was almost 100% blind, only just being able to see the shape of a dark towel.

“I didn’t panic and didn’t wake my husband, but when it passed and my vision returned, I returned back to bed and went asleep. This happened a few times and I contacted my GP who got my sight checked to eliminate visual issues, but all was clear.

“On 10th July I awoke (again at 3am) and I had facial paralysis. I felt I was drifting away and thought I would die. I couldn’t speak when I woke my husband and tried to use sign language to tell him to phone 999. My husband called an ambulance and I was brought to hospital, but I was left sitting in the waiting area and heard the staff mention ‘panic attack’, so I felt that my symptoms had been misunderstood. By this stage I had begun to come back to my normal self and could speak again, so I decided to go home. I was not fit to sit in the waiting area and felt I was in the wrong place for treatment.

“I went to a hospital specialising in neurology the next day and eventually saw a Neurologist who gave me more medication and did a CT scan, which was normal. I felt that I had compression in the top of my spinal cord and I began to get excruciating headaches. The headaches built and happened closer and closer together until I was almost completely disabled and afraid to leave the house, as any physical activity whatsoever could spark a headache and no medication worked.”

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