Thirty years ago, this blogger experimented with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and shrooms. There were rumors back in the 80s and 90s that once you’ve taken acid 10 or more times, you are deemed clinically insane. One week in the early 1990s, at least 10 tabs were consumed. And for a while there, clinical insanity seemed real. Flashbacks and weird episodes happened for a year thereafter. No more illicit drugs were ever consumed again. But in 2022, you don’t even need hallucinogenics, as the sheer insanity that is The Great Reset is like a trip of its own.

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The mRNA and viral vector DNA injections cause heart attacks, heart inflammationblood clots, seizures, amputationsautoimmune disorders, and just about every other human ailment imaginable. There’s no debating any of the foregoing. It’s safe to say that at least 60% of Americans are double-vaxxed, plus or minus 5%. Many of those injectees received their shots a year ago, more than enough time for tiny blood clots to form in their capillary networks. This phenomenon is likely to kill all double-vaxxed people who receive real shots (and not placebos) within two years, as posited by Dr. Charles Hoffe.

Even Pfizer, the CDC, the FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) know they cannot hide the current and forthcoming carnage. The WHO is trying to slow down the massacre. A January 11 statement by the WHO is essentially spitting in Bill Gates’ face (who is the second-highest funder of the organization) and ruining his booster wet dreams.

“…A vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

The CDC is attempting to normalize all the current and forthcoming blood clots, as seen in a February 10 tweet.

But ultimately, only the densest, most obsequious sheep in the world listen to the foregoing organizations. So Pfizer, the CDC, et al. must use their mainstream media for propaganda dissemination. Heart attacks are the new common cold in 2022 due to mass poisoning via mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. Normalization of cardiac events is crucial in maintaining the already-crumbling COVID-19 narrative. And these people don’t care if they insult your intelligence along the way.

Watching sports causes heart attacks

This gem is courtesy of The Mining Journal in Marquette, Michigan. Journalist Randy Crouch wrote in his January 22 article the following:

“So, after doing a lot of reading it turns out that my hypothesis was correct: watching sports can be hazardous to your health.

That’s not to say that turning on a hockey game is going to kill you, but there is a good amount of evidence that particularly intense and high stakes sporting events like the NFL playoffs, the World Series or the World Cup have a correlation with heart attacks and a host of other physical and mental health problems.”

Skipping breakfast causes heart attacks

Perhaps this is a shameless advertisement for Pop-Tarts, Eggo Waffles and Smurfberry Crunch. OK, the latter is no longer sold. But it brought back memories, and all you can do is laugh at the sheer absurdity of vaccine propaganda.

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