The Burkean – Laura Buckley –

Like everyone else, I was shaken and horrified at the brutal murder of young Irish woman Ashling Murphy in Tullamore, County Offaly last week. The fact that she was killed in broad daylight while out running along a popular and well populated canal has sent shockwaves throughout the country and abroad. As with the Sarah Everard case last year in London, it has brought the issue of women’s safety and violence against women to the forefront of public discourse.

Over the past seven days, the airwaves, column inches and cyber space has been flooded with women telling their own stories of harassment, abuse, and assault. I, myself also, have many a tale about negative experiences that only happened because yes, I am a woman. I, too, now take steps both inside and outside my house. I carry my key, I take my phone with me always (make sure it is charged and topped up), I know my route and I only go out at dark if I absolutely must.

I could go on but honestly the list of self – imposed, so called “rules” would take up the entire word count of the article. It is a part of everyday life for me at this stage as my “experiences” started as a young girl not a woman. It is depressing and yes it does take a toll on your mental health but if it is one thing I’ve learned through all these “interactions” is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. To face some hard facts instead of indulging in futile wishing.

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