Dave Butler – Irish Sentinel Contributer –

In accordance with the antiquated scientific method, real world observations and measurements were meticulously gathered and organised.
Attempts were made to find patterns in this data, which in turn led to hypotheses about the causes and hence to explanations or modeling formulae.

Every effort was then made to disprove such hypotheses. Whenever a hypothesis was published, other scientists joined in the attempts to find any flaws. Experiments had to be shown to be reproducible. Data sets and computer algorithms were laid open for public scrutiny.

Scepticism and debate were once considered essential and were therefore actively encouraged.
If any hypothesis survived this process, it became promoted to the status of a scientific theorem. Even then, one piece of new evidence, even one discovered by a lay person, was enough to relegate such a theorem. So much painstaking effort was invested in establishing such fragile theorems.

Thankfully, that old system is now obsolete and has been replaced by The Science.
Sensibly, The Science begins with the ideological or political objective in need of justification.
Massive funding is then given to prostitute scientists to create or misrepresent data sets and to construct computer models, which bestow validity on the seminal, expedient assumptions.
Sensational articles are published in “pal reviewed” journals and are slavishly amplified by the press. Any debate, discussion or argument is brutally suppressed and censored. Data sets and computer model code are rigourously protected from scrutiny.

Anointed experts are handsomely rewarded and worshiped for being infallible; while oxymoronic statements like “the science is settled” and “scientific consensus” are recited by all faithful acolytes.

Heretic scientists, known as “deniers”, who dare to present evidence that challenges the new orthodoxy, are censored, blocked from publishing, defunded, sacked, vilified and lambasted. This has a valuable chilling effect on any further dissent.

By this method, The Science becomes promoted to the status of irrefutable dogma, and the pretext for the original agenda is thus established.

Fortunately, The Science is adamantly immune to all emerging contradictory evidence while it remains open to all supporting conjecture.

The Science is demonstrably far more efficient and convenient than the recalcitrant, methodical pursuit of truth, as practised in primitive times.

The Science shall set you free from reality.