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THREE American military whistle-blowers have revealed data that show a dramatic decline in soldiers’ health during the 2021 Covid vaccine rollout. Many young men and women have dropped out of training programmes with suddenly spreading tumours, autoimmune diseases, and heart and circulatory disorders. 

The data support and strengthen concerns that the vaccines can injure the heart and nervous system, cause miscarriages and even trigger cancer.

US attorney Thomas Renz, who represents clients fighting vaccine mandates, told an inquiry in Washington last week that the whistle-blowers, all doctors, drew their information from the Defence Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) after they and other medical colleagues in the military noticed alarming increases in ailments they feared could be vaccine-related, but were discouraged from raising questions. It was this clinical experience that led them to investigate further. 

Aviation safety officer Lt Colonel Theresa Long, Dr Samuel Sigoloff and Lt Colonel Peter Chambers made their findings known under the Military Whistle-blowers Protection Act.  ‘All three have given me this data in declarations that stated this is under penalty of perjury,’ Renz said. ‘We intend to submit this to the courts.’ 

He was speaking towards the end of a five-hour panel discussion by a group of world-renowned doctors and medical experts called by Republican Senator Ron Johnson to examine the global pandemic response.  

For the first time in such a high-level group, several of the experts discussed signals of a cancer risk from the Covid jabs and the mechanisms that could lie behind that. 

DMED is a web-based tool that contains codes for every medical diagnosis submitted by the military for insurance billing purposes.  The doctors ran a search for codes relating to ailments and injuries which could be related to the jabs, using data from 2016 to 2020 to establish a five-year average, and comparing that with totals for the first ten months of 2021. 

The figures are for diagnostic codes, rather than individual patients, some of whom will have made visits giving rise to several code entries.

Nevertheless, the increases are stunning.   

The five-year average for miscarriages, for example, was 1,499 entries a year. There was no increase in 2020, when Covid arrived.  The 2021 figure was 4,182, a rise of nearly 300 per cent.    

A similar increase was seen with cancer, from a five-year average of 38,700 compared with 114,645 in 2021. 

Diagnostic codes for neurological issues rose even more dramatically, up by 1,000 per cent from a baseline average of 82,000 to 863,000.   

‘Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed,’ Renz said. 

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