UK Unvaccinated Lower Cases, Fetal and Airlines Pilot Vaccine Deaths, Australian Vaccine Disaster, Booster Farce Exposed

The COVID tyranny is on the retreat! The UK Office for National Statistics admits just 6,000 people died of Covid-19 in England and Wales between Feb 2020 and Dec 2021. This is less than the rate of those killed in car accidents. And for that the Government closed down the entire economy with catastrophic bankruptcies, suicides, loss of income and pensions and closed hospitals resulting in untreated cancer and other deadly conditions and the release of hospital patients into care homes where record deaths occurred from covid infections.

Global Research – By Rodney Atkinson

In response to a freedom of information request the Office for National Statistics has admitted that just 6,183 people actually died of Covid-19 in England and Wales between February 1st 2020 and 31st December 2021, exposing the 150,000 death toll as an extraordinary (but long reported on Freenations) lie.… See this.

This was not a real pandemic. Even taking the completely flawed definition of a COVID death (both the American CDC and the British Office for National Statistics are now admitting they have been fraudulent), Infection Survival rates have been extremely high. As of 3/12/2021

Disastrous vaccination programme

Deaths following vaccination in the USA, UK and EU have now reached some 50,000 with millions of adverse reactions, half of them serious. In the UK the evidence is surely now incontrovertible – that the rise and fall in UK vaccination levels produces the rise and fall in COVID infections.

Between 10th December and 21st December the booster daily rate rose by 125%. This was followed by a 142% increase in cases between 21st December and 4th January.

The reverse has also proven to be the case for as the booster rate fell by 85% between 21st December and 3rd January so there followed a big fall of 67% in COVID cases between 4th January and 16th January.

There has been a further rise in booster take up between 2nd January (111,000 per day) and 8th January (235,000) which produced a rise in infections between 16th January (74,494 infections) and 19th January (108,069 infections) – another direct linkage!

Nor can the Government claim a saving of lives for since the booster programme started on 1st October daily deaths doubled between 14th October and 8th January.

NHS forced vaccinations

As the deadline for NHS “frontline” staff to be vaccinated looms it is worth recording not only the many conventions, declarations and standards of international medical practise which forbid compulsory or coerced vaccinations but also the recent statement

from the World Health Organisation “if mandatory vaccination is considered necessary to interrupt transmission chains and prevent harm to others, there should be sufficient evidence that the vaccine is efficacious in preventing serious infection and/or transmission.”

But we know that the vaccines prevent neither infection nor infectiousness and recent statistics from the UK Government demonstrate that by weeks 49 to 52 of 2021 all age groups which have been triple vaccinated show an immune system performance far inferior to the unvaccinated (between 7% and 60% according to age group).

Other statistics from the UK Health Security Agency Covid-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 42 Page 13 show covid cases in the vaccinated between 27% and 124% higher than the unvaccinated. COVID cases:

The UK’s Office for National Statistics admit a large increase in deaths among 15-19 year old males since vaccination was rolled out for that age group.

  • May-Dec, 2020: 257 deaths
  • May-Dec, 2021: 402 deaths (of which 2 deaths were due to covid)

There are thousands of immunology experts, researchers and medical practitioners who know these dangers and reject the vaccination programme. In a great embarrassment for the British Government an NHS doctor was filmed telling the Health Secretary why he would not be vaccinated.

In the light of this evidence and the quite clear statements of the Council of Europe, UNESCO, the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Code politicians who press ahead with the compulsory vaccinations for health care staff are courting serious legal liability – in addition to the thousands of doctors and nurses who will resign rather than be vaccinated (they have witnessed too many deaths and too much suffering among those who have been vaccinated).

Australian dictatorship proves a disaster

Australian politicians have instituted some the most draconian and anti democratic controls and vaccine mandates on their people – and yet 69% of New South Wales  hospitalisations are of the vaccinated and the post vaccination deaths have reached an historic peak.

Australia’s vaccine fanatics have certainly been proven wrong. Since the rapid increase in the Australian’s vaccination programme in the latter part of 2021 covid infections rose from 31,000 on 15th July to over 2 million on 21st January (a 6,600% increase). A familiar pattern in other countries as readers of Freenations will know from past posts. But a pattern the vaccine fanatics and criminal political and media establishments ignore, deny and censor!

Worldwide vaccine deaths and injuries

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