The oldest scam in the scam book.

By Riley Waggaman, a former “senior editor” (newsroom errand boy) at RT

The nations are at each other’s throats. Everyone is sweaty with anticipation. War!

Edward Slavsquat –

Trustworthy media outlets funded by Big Pharma, investment banks and multifarious intelligence agencies appear to be (intentionally) trapped in a positive feedback loop in which troop movements, strongly worded diplomatic communiques and salacious scoops from anonymous sources reinforce the narrative that armed conflict between Russia and [drop-down list of 50 nations] is inevitable. Interesting. Why would they want you to think that? Especially if you’re so sure Russia would “win”?

With each passing day more and more plebes are becoming resigned to the purported inevitability of this war; we suspect some would even be disappointed if war doesn’t break out.

You’re a plebe. Do you know what that means? It means you’re a meat shield. Meat shields don’t do that well when the bombs start dropping.

Guys, it’s a scam. You’re getting scammed. Yes, again.

Omicron scam: not scammy enough?

We don’t want to read too deeply into this but it really does seem the Omicron scam was a massive flop.

Here in Russia the Omicron scam was a total and complete disaster—possibly even more cringe than the poorly-conceived attempt to scare everyone with the non-existent “Moscow strain.”


Probably there are similar stories from your own place of residence. Funny, isn’t it? How the scam is so ubiquitous and scammy no matter where you are? What could this mean?

Curious, too, how governments around the world are putting the brakes on various “public health” measures all at the same time. We’re not insinuating something sneaky is afoot, of course.

Is it time for a victory lap? Have we “won”? Some people on Twitter seem to think so. People certainly have the right to be happy that the syringe-tipped boot has temporarily stopped stomping on their face. But you know—the boot is still there, hovering over your bruised, bloodied, gene-injected face. Hovering and waiting.

Haven’t you people ever seen a Wagner opera? It’s as if the twenty-minute overture finishes and you guys are like, “well that was interesting. Time for a taco.”

Sit down rookie, there’s seven more hours of this shit.

When everything is engulfed in flames—that’s when you know it’s over. Just like in a Wagner opera, come to think of it. He was a true visionary.

Conditions for a necessary war

There are many interesting theories on the internet about how a war would benefit the United States government, or how it would benefit the Russian government, or Chinese government, or the space lizards who select all these governments. But how does war benefit you? Yes, you! How?

This is a deeply personal question. It depends on personal circumstances. For example: if we were balls-deep in Raytheon stocks, we’d be hollering for the fireworks to start. That’s just common sense.

Sadly, our portfolio consists exclusively of overvalued shitcoins and Ken Griffey Jr. baseball cards. So for us, the necessity and inevitability of war is easy to determine. Some Russian guy perfectly articulated this condition on a radio show:

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