Did you know not only women menstrate? Yeah I know that’s idiotic but there really are people out there that believe that. You know people that think there are not just men and women. People that use crazy ass terms like “cis women” umm you mean women? The reason trans women are called trans because they are NOT biological women. There is no need to include any type of qualifier when discussing women.. I mean of course when you are trying to be political and push your insane opinions on the general public. 


Have a peek at this awesome paragraph, I am not going to link to the article as I do not want to provide them with any more readers, but after reading you’ll see the insanity. 

“Menstruation is still far too often associated only with girls and women. Now you may still think, yes, that’s how it is! But not all women menstruate and not all who identify themselves as women menstruate.  Say what? Even trans-, non-binary or gender-neutral people can bleed monthly. The presentation of menstruation as an experience shared exclusively by women is therefore not completely right. Cis-sexist assumptions about periods and bodies can exclude and discriminate against certain individuals. Therefore, we use the term ‘menstruating people’ or ‘menstruators’ and try not to speak of women or girls. This is our attempt to start including all people who have menstrual experiences linguistically. Because language matters”

If you need to read the above nonsense again to confirm it’s as crazy it seemed the first time please have another read. Menstration is always associated with women because ONLY biological women menstrate. A women can call herself a Trans-man but that will not change her biology, so she can indeed continue to menstrate. 

These type of “inclusive” language is very dangerous and it’s minimizing women and conflating actual issues they have as a unique biological sex and muddying the waters. This is actually pretty sexist, but strangely enough nobody wants to admit that or even discuss it. 

The greatest thing is when these nutters then claim that “cis” women that no longer menstrate for whatever reason feel less like women if you associate menstration exclusively with women. 

You just can’t make this nonsense up…. god help us all