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RTE will look for reform of the TV licence fee at a Government Committee this week.

According to Newstalk, Director-General Dee Forbes is expected to point out that RTE will be in a very difficult situation financially if nothing is done about the current licence fee.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath is among those who oppose any increase in the licence fee.  Speaking on Newstalk, he said that RTE would have a “brass neck” if they tried to get more money out of Irish tax payers, particularly at a time when businesses are struggling.

He said that he had received endless complaints about RTE from constituents over the Christmas period and that people have grown “weary” of RTE.

A spokesperson for RTE said that the broadcaster was not looking for an increase in the licence fee, but an overhaul of the system.  They pointed out that there is a lot of evasion in Ireland and that lots of households get to watch RTE programmes on the RTE Player without having to pay for them.

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