“No Jab, No Job” Hospital Workers Protest: “2020: Heroes, 2021: Fired and Unemployed”

By Carla Stea – Global Research –

More than three thousand hospital workers, sanitation workers, MTA workers, teachers, artists and police rallied at New York’s City Hall to protest the mandate for Covid-19 vaccine, which has been proven unsafe, with many horrific long-term “side-effects” of the vaccine, multiple deaths, deadly, often chronic heart damage,  a “vaccine” which it is feared changes both the dna of the vaccinated, and as the future will demonstrate, may cause sterility.   Yes, this vaccine will reduce the population.

This mandate changes the relationship between the state and the individual, as the slogan “no jab, no job” threatens the livelihood and the lives of workers throughout the United States and all countries mandating a vaccine generating enormous profits for the “Big Pharma,” now guaranteed immunity from liability for the often lethal consequences of the vaccine.  According to British legal authority Francis Hoar, this mandate violates the Nuremberg Code, International Human Rights Law, the Strasbourg European Court of Human Rights, and, of course, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The United Nations Secretary General is Co-opted

Most unconscionable is the fact that the United Nations Secretary-General is mandating this untested and often lethal vaccination for United Nations staff, in violation of every human rights declaration produced by the United Nations in its entire history.

United Nations Staff members refusing the vaccination are threatened with six months leave WITHOUT pay! On August 13, the UN Secretary-General issued mandated requirements, which included:

“Vaccination requirement for certain categories. Vaccinations will be mandated for staff performing certain tasks and/or certain occupational groups at UNHQ whose functions do not allow sufficient management of exposure…Those staff who will be required to be vaccinated must receive the final dose of a vaccine no later than 19 September 2021……All staff at UNHQ in consideration of the need to protect one another will be required to report their vaccination status including through EarthMed with immediate effect.”

Whatever happened to medical privacy?

Although there is massive “major” media attempt to obscure the often lethal consequences of this vaccine, the enormous significance of the issues involved is indicated by the fact that every major media outlet in New York City was present at the August 25 demonstration, and quoted and televised many of the protest speeches by New York City teachers, sanitation workers, MTA workers, and other professional  and non-professional employees of public and private organizations.

CBS, NBC, AP, Channel 1, the New York Post, News 4, are among the many media covering this historic protest, the awakening of the public conscience that those citizens and workers upon whom the actual functioning of society depends are infuriated that they are reduced to chattel servitude by the so-called government, and their lives are wantonly put at risk by those government officials whose salaries are paid by the taxes of these workers: teachers, sanitation workers, police, artists, and all those indispensable categories of workers without whom society will collapse. Government workers are public servants, and should not be permitted to dictate the lives of those whom they serve. This is forgotten by these so-called “public servants” who behave like a combination of parasites and dictators.

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