They Are Only Interested In Dividing The People

Gary Jordan – The Irish Sentinel

In the wake of the murder of 23-year-old, Ashling Murphy – a truly horrific event that the nation is still reeling from – Helen McEntee, Ireland’s Minister for Justice, has stated that there will be ‘zero tolerance’ of violence against women in the community.

Truth be told though, she couldn’t give a hoot.

Remember, this vow of ‘zero tolerance’ towards gender-based violence is coming from the same person who only a few weeks back gave the green light to the incarceration of biological male inmates (even those who have committed vicious sexual assaults in the past) in the same prisons as vulnerable women, as long as they claim they identify as females.

Perhaps she thinks the public forgot about that.

The only thing that Helen McEntee, like her colleagues in the banker-bought puppet show that is the Dáil, has ‘zero tolerance’ of is justice – as I have outlined on this blog several times before.

The current Fianna Fail/Fine Gael/Green Party cabal has shown, since the first day their members infiltrated Ireland’s political landscape and turned it into a cesspit of mongrel politics – evenly sprinkling a pinch of Judaic-Bolshevism, Masonry, Marxism, Stalinism, Maoism and neo-Fascism throughout the land – that their true intent, to be achieved by any means necessary, – even if that includes the politicization of murdered young women – is to divide the Irish people along as many lines as possible.

It only feels like yesterday that Klaus Schwab’s golden boy, Leo Varadkar and the dithering fool that calls himself An Taoiseach, Micheal Martin were both attempting to stir up hostile relations between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Now, they have temporarily moved on. Not letting a good crisis go to waste and abiding by the rulebook, as always, of the divine idols they worship, such as Saul Alinksy and Henry Kissinger, they engage in identity politics, desperately fomenting sectionalisation between the men and women of the nation. The rhetoric now is that all men – yes, all of us – are responsible for violence against women.

Helen McEntee is the head of a department that has historically allowed vicious thugs, disgusting paedophiles and lowly abusers of women to thrive in Ireland. With the help of a string of judges who consistently protect and defend child-abusing perverts, traffickers of women and distributors of child pornography, Ireland has become a haven for the depraved. This can even be seen in the most recent media coverage.

For example, on page 5 of the Irish Sun newspaper today, McEntee’s ‘Zero Tolerance Goal’ is reported.

Turn over just one single page, and there, on page 6, we read of a German I.T professional, Christian Mayer, who sexually assaulted two young girls, ages 12 and 13, in an Ikea shopping outlet in Dublin in 2019. Despite advice against bail coming from a Garda Detective, who stated that there was a risk the paedophile would flee to a non-extradition country and never be seen again, Judge Bryan Smith allowed Mayer to walk out of the courthouse with his freedoms intact, after granting him bail and, thus, affording the sicko an opportunity to continue assaulting and abusing innocent young girls in this country, or another of his choosing, should he wish to.

Unsurprisingly, not one of Ireland’s jellyfish journalists in the corporate media cares to connect the dots. Nor do they point out the hypocrisy.

And, of course, the above is not an isolated case. It is all too familiar to those of us who have been observing the farce that is Ireland’s system of (in)justice. Only a couple of weeks ago, for example, it was reported that a young teenage girl from Dublin was so ferociously attacked by a gang of knife-and-metal-bar-wielding thugs that she may lose an eye as a result of the incident. Two suspects accused of the assault were arrested. Despite the severity of the accusations, they were released on bail and will not appear in court again until April 01st – free again to batter, bruise and maim women up and down the country, in the meantime, should they so wish to do so.

Then, of course, there are the suspended sentences that are handed out to hardened criminals and abusers of women on a much-too-regular basis in Ireland. In a country where an elderly grandmother is forced to spend Christmas day behind bars for the ‘crime’ of refusing to wear a mask, the brutes and sexual deviants who should be prosecuted and locked away are protected and rewarded for their crimes by the morally retarded judges of our island. They are allowed to roam the streets without a care in the world – despite the very real threat these savages pose to females of all ages.

Anthony Ferguson broke into a woman’s home in Co. Donegal and sexually assaulted her in her bed. He was allowed to walk free after a suspended sentence was handed down to him. Likewise, Liam Vickers was given a suspended sentence in 2021 for attacking a female escort in an apartment in Dublin. 12 days after a judge allowed him to walk out of a courthouse a free man, he sexually assaulted a second woman who was out on her daily jog. Marius Rucinskas, a man who has already served a 15-year prison sentence for murder in his home nation of Lithuania, was given a suspended sentence after he violently assaulted his wife over a three hour period. 64-year-old Andrew O’Donovan was given a suspended sentence after sexually assaulting a teenage girl as she lay sick in bed in Cork University Hospital in February 2020. Six months later he attacked a second young girl at a bus stop. Kusika Kudia was working as a taxi driver in Dublin’s City Centre when he sexually assaulted a woman outside her front door. Despite pleading guilty to the charges Kudia was still working as a driver almost a year and a half after the assault had taken place, having been handed down a suspended sentence by Judge Karen O’Connor.

Add to this the slap-on-the-wrist treatment given in some cases – such as that of the three-month prison sentences handed down to two thugs after they physically assaulted a 19-year-old woman in Co. Kerry, who was so traumatised by the event it left her suffering from severe depression – and what you’ll soon discover is ‘zero tolerance’ of anything that remotely resembles justice.

Forget what McEntee and co. say and, instead, watch what they do.

You’ll very quickly discover that neither the Minister for Justice, nor her cronies, care a fig about attacks on women in Ireland. If they did they would not advocate for violent male criminals, ‘identifying’ as female, to be sharing prison cells with biological females. They would also take action to ensure that the inept, uncaring, empathy-deleted judges who sit on benches across the country cease their support and endorsement of deplorable criminals and, instead, take steps to address the multitude of offences against women and children that are allowed to go unpunished.

But, like all Irish politicians, I expect McEntee will refrain from taking these measures and, rather than pursuing a means to genuinely protect women, she will use the horrendous murder of Ashling Murphy to further the agendas of the Globalist Irish government. Instead of pointing out the failures in our justice system, she will place all her energy into the divide and conquer strategy that herself and her colleagues so consistently implement.

If the politicians of this country are being very honest – which they never are – they will admit the truth; behind all the virtue-signalling and lip service, they couldn’t give a shit about violence against women in Ireland.

Their attitude towards the victims of the Mother and Baby Homes and the Cervical Check cancer scandal has proven this over the years. Right now, instead of looking for an imaginary enemy to blame for the recent murder, if they are really serious about ending violent attacks against women, they will drastically transform the paedophile and rapist protection squad that poses as a justice system, and ensure that the most dangerous offenders in the nation are punished and taken off the streets for their acts of evil.

Until they do, they will continue to prove that they couldn’t care less.

And never did.

Gary Jordan 
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