By Ethan Huff – Vaccine Wars –

The most vaccinated state in the country has become a mad house of outright insanity and paranoia over the ever-scary Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Hospitals all across Vermont are reportedly overflowing with fully vaccinated patients – and not the kind with vaccine-induced illnesses, just to be clear, but rather “asymptomatic” jabbed folks who merely tested “positive” with a fraudulent PCR test.

The emergency department at the Rutland Regional Medical Center (RRMC), for instance, is reportedly being “overwhelmed with asymptomatic folks” who, despite not showing any symptoms, are freaking out because of everything they have been told by the likes of Tony Fauci.

What is apparently happening is that Branch Covidians across the Green Mountain State are obsessively seeking out and collecting antigen tests in order to test themselves. After finally testing positive, these same folks are rushing out to the emergency room to get treatment for their non-diseases.

“It’s not so much the beds that are the precious resources, it’s the staff at this time,” explained Dr. Rick Hildebrant, RRMC’s medical director about how badly this bizarre phenomenon is depleting much-needed hospital resources.

“So we have to have some of our clinical staff providing care to those people and they can’t provide care to the folks in the ER.”

Branch Covidianism is a religion with doctrines and dogmas of mental illness

Amazingly, Vermonters are so scared of the China Disease that even after testing positive with their at-home rapid tests, many of them are rushing out to the hospital to take a PCR test as well for additional confirmation.

It is almost like these people want to test positive and want to be sick, almost like an induction into the Covid Cult. Perhaps taking all these tests is some kind of equivalent to holy communion or eucharist for them, making them feel as though they belong.

And to think that the unvaccinated are being blamed for this hospital surge when they are the ones out there living their lives, unmasked and untested, and not even thinking about going anywhere near a hospital facility.

Branch Covidian hysteria is not just affecting Vermont hospitals, by the way. Institutions of “higher learning” such as Middlebury College are also enduring collective panic attacks over the idea of Chinese Germs spreading from person to person.

The following sampling of deranged tweets shows just how crazy leftist plandemic-embracers have become within the new normal of perpetual hypochondriac insanity.

“Like, right this very second as my partner makes plans to have an indoor xmas gathering with his (vaxed, boosted) family that my anxiety will not allow me to attend or even be furious about,” one of the deranged tweets reads.

“Me too,” responded another. “The unvaccinated need to stay home, those of us who’ve done everything possible to stop the spread & continue to do everything asked of us should be allowed to live. We have the right to live!”

This writer is uncertain if both of these folks live in Vermont, but it is certainly within the realm of possibility because it sounds exactly like what is happening up there to hospitals, schools and probably all other institutions.

“Fear is control,” wrote one commenter at Red State about how the mass brainwashing has been a total success, at least among leftists.

“The media won’t let the panic die down until universal mail-in voting is safely locked in,” wrote another, speculating as to why the plandemic has still not been allowed to end.

Vaccine Wars