Time and again we are seeing people who have been double, triple, or quadrupole vaccinated (or rather “vaccinated” and “boosted”) coming down with COVID.

  Identity Dixie – Ethan –

Then we are told the unfalsifiable claim that “oh, it would have been worse if they hadn’t been vaccinated.”  This is further embellished by the different strains, so even if a person had gotten COVID before being vaccinated, and been asymptomatic, if they are later to come down with COVID after having been vaccinated, the fact that it is a new strain means that that time it could have been more severe.  “Sure, when you were unvaccinated with ‘COVID’ you were asymptomatic without the vaccine, but ‘COVID super plus’ would have killed you if you were unvaccinated.”

Also, before I go into anything else, does anyone find it strange that pro-COVID vaccine people are more than willing to say the unvaccinated shouldn’t be allowed to use medical services, when we put no such limitation on the morbidly obese, smokers, or other such people?  Can someone explain to me why a person who makes the conscious decision not to get a vaccine that isn’t effective at preventing infection or transmission somehow is less deserving of medical care than one of those fat mukbang folks or the people on My 600 pound Life?

You ask a doctor, scientist, or anyone in favor of vaccines “to what degree does this protect against COVID” and they scoff at you for being a COVID denier or “antivaxxer.”  You point out that the MMR vaccine says quite plainly on the CDC website that it is 93%, 78%, 97% effective against measles, mumps, and rubella, or two doses of it give you an increase up to 97% and 88% effectiveness against measles and mumps.  How much does the first dose of the COVID vaccine effectively immunize you against COVID?  What about the second?  What about each booster?  I can’t find any numbers on this.

I’m not that old, but in all my life I’ve never seen a reaction to vaccines like this where they are pushed without any indication of the degree of effectiveness.  Generally speaking, vaccines can cause adverse reactions but the ratio of effectiveness against the disease and odds of an adverse reaction are freely advertised.  However, there’s so much misinformation on this front that it isn’t possible to actually make an informed decision.  Is it any wonder that some statistics show that 48% of Americans will refuse the vaccine no matter what?

This has become a purely political issue rather than a scientific one, but is that any shock?  In the Current Year, scientists pretend that a person with XY chromosomes and all the appearances of being a male biologically (we aren’t talking of CAIS or complete androgen insensitivity syndrome) is a woman because they believe they are.  How long before furries are told they are actually the animals they believe they are?  The Psychiatric Community, both in America’s DSM 5 and by the WHO, stopped having transgenderism/gender dysphoria as a mental illness a few years back due to social pressure (Note: homosexuality was a mental disorder until 1973 and we see where that got us).  Is it any wonder that folks believe this vaccine is due to social pressure, rather than medical efficacy?

In a country where Big Pharma is responsible for countless deaths and untold amounts of damage to the country by means of the Opioid Epidemic (for which no real recompense has been made), how can anyone trust what the Big Pharma companies are saying?  For that matter, how can we trust anything the medical establishment says in a country where millions of children are given amphetamines by doctors because they aren’t willing to sit still for eight hours a day?

We’ll see greater pushes to force the vaccine and we’ll see how that works.  Thankfully, the world is not so much a monolith as some of our more blackpilled friends would like to believe.  Many countries, particularly the places where the dollar goes far but you wouldn’t want to stay long, realize they need to get more tourism so they’re not having intense COVID scrutiny.  Obviously, if you go to one of those countries, you may still not be allowed back in the U.S., but everyone operates on incentives.  If the tourism industry within the U.S. suffers because a bunch of South American countries are making it easier to get around, businesses that rely on tourism will more readily lobby Congress and, in turn, cause the COVID measures to be weakened.  In some ways, we’re seeing that with the recent decision by the CDC to lower the quarantine time from 10 to 5 days (and the associated memes).

Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up and say that this means the COVID hysteria is over.  Far from it.  I just want to say that there are many variables at play and the desire for control played by the elite of this country are competing with the desires of many other still powerful people who just want to make money.  This may be the one case where Gordon Gekko’s catchphrase may actually be beneficial to us.

Identity Dixie