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Today as we watch our world descend further and further towards a one world authoritarian dictatorship disguised as individual government in supposed sovereign democracies, one now wonders if freedoms ever really existed to begin with, or did they belong in an imagined alternate reality where basic and most precious inalienable human rights are considered a God given entitlement.

In the years 2020 to 2021 to date, governments worldwide have worked in lockstep to engineer a global reset assisted by the Trojan horse of an artificially inflated pandemic, which hides an agenda to introduce a new socioeconomic system of mass surveillance manipulated enslavement, assigned to Digital ID health passports governing personal liberty and freedoms.

These health passports are being installed under the guise of convincing people their lives are in danger from a supposed “lethal virus” with a global survival rate in excess of 99.97% and as such, will need to take an experimental and ultimately useless injection being touted as a ‘vaccine’, with the evidence clearly showing that these alleged treatments are doing far more harm than good.

But what most people who are opting to take this experimental treatment fail to realise, is that the injection itself is yet another Trojan horse that is needed to create a bridge between technology and the human by way of installing a programmable biotechnological operating system updated by regular injection boosters, thus forming the foundation of a social crediting slave system that commits each and every living human being to a life long totalitarian digital surveillance grid with no option of ever escaping it. 

To say you couldn’t make all of the above up would be the understatement of the century, but unbelievable as it may sound, this is our new reality and is exactly what’s happening in virtually every nation globally.

Ghost of Christmas Past

In the attached video, Del Bigtree describes the current paradigm and wonders if history is yet again doomed to repeat itself.

He talks of his experience defending the Hasidic Jewish community in Rockland County New York back in 2019, when they were being targeted with potential fines for defending their rights against taking injections to stave off a measles outbreak.

Del compared their plight to that of the persecuted Jews in Nazi occupied Germany by way of highlighting the requirement of the Jewish people at that time to wear yellow stars for identification purposes.

Ghost of Christmas Present

Little did he know then, that less than two years later the entire planet would be on a similar trajectory and even worse, the modern Jewish state of Israel itself would be imposing this same tyranny on their own citizens by way of creating medical apartheid for those who simply want to exercise their inalienable human rights of freedom and bodily autonomy.

Del also highlights another event held in Birkenau – Auschwitz to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi control.

He shows a clip of holocaust survivor ‘Marian Turski’ speaking to invited state dignitaries; to include a noticeably enthusiastic Irish president ‘Michael D Higgins’ listening on intently.

Sad, shocking and utterly indecipherable to think then, that it was this same man who just over a year later put the final signature to official Irish state papers needed to ratify the process of medical apartheid in Ireland, and henceforth, paving the way for the very same ‘yellow star’ oppression to be inflicted upon his own people while under his tenure.

The outright hypocrisy of it is beyond all comprehension, but this one act alone has now forever branded a once respected legacy with the darkest stain of shame that can never be erased from Irish history.

However and for all the wrong reasons, his particular presence here at this event has served to expose the artificiality of this example of blatantly obvious state sponsored theatre and that the time has now come to do absolutely everything we can as a species to stop them and their ilk advancing this current indiscriminate synchronous global criminality any further.

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, all must now unite and turn our collective attention to breaking this cycle of new age tyranny once and for all.

For if we do not, history is undoubtedly destined to repeat itself yet again, only this time one fears, there will be no chance of liberation, as the opportunity of ever retrieving those hard won civil liberties and freedoms may soon be consigned to the archives of forgotten technologically manipulated and controlled memory.

Nollaig Shona 2021.

The Highwire With Del Bigtree