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Irish politicians hit a new low this evening, by celebrating Christmas with a vote to make sure that babies will feel as much pain as possible while they are being aborted.

In a sick and sadistic development, Irish politicians, including many from Sinn Fein, openly mocked the idea of administering pain relief to babies as they were being killed in abortion.

The bill had been brought forward by a number of prolife TDs including Carol Nolan, who spoke of the fact that many liberal TDs will vote for banning cruelty to animals but not to unborn babies. The government ultimately blocked it with 107 votes against 37.

Another TD, Michael Collins, also pointed out the need for pain relief as many babies feel severe pain as they are being killed by needle or forceps.

Danny Healy Rae spoke movingly of how society lets babies down by having them killed in the womb. He also rightfully pointed out that those who support abortion were also part of governments that made life a living hell for mothers and fathers.

We need to do more to help mothers, and fathers, indeed, to ensure there is another way. We are not doing that. Many here were hell-bent on ensuring that the abortion legislation went through. That was their right and for those who voted for it that was their right. But that is not to say that I say it is right. I think that these children, if they grew up, and they do grow up and they are not long becoming men and women, would have been a massive asset to this country. The Government, by its amendment, is looking to delay this. I want to remind the Minister that 18 babies are being aborted daily so they are going to suffer pain. It is 126 weekly and over 6,000 in a year. Surely we should not be wasting time. Is there humanity in the Minister or any of the Government? If there is, now is the time to stand up and do what we ask which is just to administer pain relief in the course of these abortions where we are ending little babies lives.

Michael Healy Rae followed the same line of argument, stating:

How could any human being look me straight in the eye and say with any conviction and with any honesty in his heart and soul that it is wrong to want to stop a little person of feeling pain? Every one of us will have to die and how a person could face God after denying a person the right to pain relief is hard to understand. If I was under any one of their whips tonight, I would crack the whip back at them and I would vote with my conscience.

In a typically disgusting display from Sinn Fein, fresh from imposing Westminster’s abortion of disabled Irish babies in the North, David Cullinane stated that he wants the South to also be under London’s abortion jurisdiction:

Sinn Féin is committed to delivering the same services, North and South. We want to see the alignment and delivery of abortion services across the island, and the services available in this State implemented in the North.

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