Why learn words related to travel or shopping when you can learn how to discuss microaggressions against transgendered people in Latin America?

Woke Watch –

I have the duolingo app on my phone and iPad, and it has helped me become pretty proficient in more than one language.  So naturally when I discovered they have a podcast I thought it would be a great way to practice repetitive listening.

Well, it seems Duolingo is yet another company being held captive by their leftist religion. It’s rare to hear an episode about a subject that isn’t a woke talking point.

I’m currently in Latin America, traveling through countries that are freer than the US has been since people lost their minds in 2020. I need to practice listening to audio from people who are talking about normal things. I very rarely need to discuss women pioneers in XYZ industry. I don’t need to know how to tell someone that racism is bad.

You can tell Duolingo podcast originates from left westerners from the topics, and likely white American western leftists. Racism isn’t a thing in any other country I’ve gone to like it is in the US. If the SJWs practiced what they preached, they wouldn’t be using their cultural lenses on other cultures.

Remember, this is for language learning.  But with any evangelical fanatic of a religion, they have to put their beliefs everywhere.  So the list of topics here is prime woke template stuff:

  • building a feminist soccer league (a feminist soccer league??? what does that have to do with soccer, or the supposed objective of Duolingo?)
  • story about a woman in some male dominated field
  • inclusivity (I just wanna know how to talk to normal people, no one brings up inclusivity outside of the leftist cult)
  • story about this woman in yada yada male dominated field
  • story about another woman in history (this isn’t so bad on its own, but they cover just women as if men haven’t done anything.)
  • immigration only from an SJW perspective (met lots of people in Mexico. Never met one that didn’t agree that the US should build a wall as most don’t like when people illegally cross their southern border either)

The list goes on.  If you know woke leftists then you know what this will be.  That’s the whole point of propaganda.

And this is the thing about woke companies and why they go hand in hand with promoting communism. See, I just want a good product. That’s it. But with wokeism the goal isn’t to make a good product, it’s to spread propaganda.

PS: I mean, a feminist soccer league?? They claim feminism is about “gender equality”.  If that was the case a feminist soccer league would allow the infinite genders to compete equally. We already have that, in all major sports. It ends up being mostly men because of reality. But if there was a woman better than Lebron James you think the NBA would say “nah, we don’t wanna win that badly”

Woke Watch