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We worked with Health Freedom Ireland in January and February 2021 and uncovered a sudden spike of 1,000 deaths in Irish Nursing Homes using death notice data from which occurred immediately after the dated of the first COVID-19 vaccinations in those homes. Please watch this short video which outlines that discovery

Letters with detailed reports were sent to the Government, TD’s, Senators, Media, Gardaí (GNBCI), Coroners, National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) and most importantly, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) who are responsible for ensuring that all medicines are safe. We request a pause of the vaccine rollout until an investigation into the deaths could have have been carried out to ensure the vaccines were safe. None of the above bodies investigated and we are now seeing a large number of excess deaths a time when COVID-19 is not causing significant deaths. There are 2,780 excess deaths up to October this year already despite the alleged protection of COVID vaccines.

The latest official GRO death data show that death rate in 2020, the year the alleged COVID-19 pandemic raged out of control, was the lowest death rate per thousand of population since 2014.


We submitted a selection of 50 Adverse Reaction Reports of these 1,000 Nursing Home deaths, complete with their death records, to the HPRA for investigation. In the response to the reports, Anne Tobin of the HPRA replied to me stating that: –

“The reports do not meet criteria for a case safety report, as described in these guidelines, and are considered ‘invalid’, as follows:-

  • Whilst a scheduled date for vaccination was given, it is not known if the persons who passed away were vaccinated.
  • We note you have described yourself as a concerned citizen as the reporter, and not a healthcare professional, carer or relative of the persons concerned. As such, under GVP, the reports are based on ‘hearsay’.
  • The death record did not associate the fatal events with COVID-19 vaccination.”

We still have no answer to what caused the 1,000 deaths in the nursing homes in January and February, or any of the additional 1,780 excess deaths that have occurred since then. We are not confident that all Hospitals and GP’s are submitting Adverse Reaction Reports to the HPRA where these people were vaccinated before their deaths, if the reports have all of the necessary detail, or, whether the HPRA’s above irresponsible approach to our 50 reports is being repeated.

We must therefore construct an independent database of adverse reaction reports (deaths) with detailed information which can be analysed publicly online so that the public can make their own judgments of whether the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, and, we can ensure that the death is properly reported to the HPRA and demand detailed investigations.

If you have had a relative who has died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and are suspicious that their death may be related to the vaccine, and / or was not properly reported to the HPRA as a possible adverse reaction, please assist us with this important project by providing details of your deceased relatives medical information before, during and after the vaccination(s). You do not need permission from other family members and should probably not discuss this with them if you are worried that they may object. We will keep your identity confidential together with any information that might identify your diseased relative, except if you agree to have us submit an adverse reaction report to the HPRA, who in turn must keep your report confidential.

If you wish to participate, please provide the following information in an email to

  • Your Name and phone number.
  • Deceased name and date of death.
  • Your Relationship to the deceased.

A Healthcare worker will contact you to arrange a confidential meeting to take the full report from you in person.

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