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The following is an excerpt from a CIA letter written by Robert Gates to Bobby Ray Inman, director of the NSA from 1977 to 1981 and deputy CIA director 1981-82. It details “The History of CIA-University Relations,” and it’s a smoking-gun that proves the infestation of American intelligence by German-Jewish Frankfurt School (New School) “intellectuals.”

The key character referenced was William Leonard Langer (March 16, 1896 – Dec. 26, 1977), who was the chairman of the history department at Harvard University. During his tenure, Professor Langer published a number of influential studies of diplomatic history and U.S. foreign policy, including an examination (with S. Everett Gleason) of U.S. isolationism and the domestic run-up to World War II. Langer also served as the Chief of the Research and Analysis Branch, Office of Strategic Services (1942-1945); Special Assistant for Intelligence to Secretary of State Byrnes; Assistant Director of the CIA (1950-1952), where he helped organize the Office of National Estimates; and member of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (1961-1977).

Note the list of sketchy, foreign, Frankfurt New School mucky mucks that Langer corralled to infest American intelligence.

One Franz Neumann was from the New School for Social Research. Even Wikipedia gives us what we really need to know. Neumann (May 23, 1900 – Sept. 2, 1954) was a German-Jewish political activist and Western Marxist theorist. He is best known for his theoretical analyses of National Socialism. He worked for the OSS from 1943 to 1945.

Together with Ernst Fraenkel and Arnold Bergstraesser, Neumann is considered to be among the founders of modern political science in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Fraenkel (Dec. 26, 1898 – March 28, 1975) was a German-Jewish political scientist and socialist. Fraenkel lectured at the New School for Social Research.

Bergstraesser was a founding member of the German Academic Exchange Service in 1925. Also Jewish, he fled Germany in 1937, as his university service at Heidelberg was terminated due to his twisted, inverted teachings. He infested, I mean taught until 1954 at several American universities, including the University of Chicago.

Also note one Herbert Marcuse, who we dispensed of in “Flower Power Sowed Seeds of 50 Years of Weaponized Degeneracy.” The Jewish Marcuse took this repression theory and wrote more gibberish in a book called “Eros and Civilization.” The short version is that Eros (the principle of pleasure and leisure) and hedonism should flourish.

Cultural Marxism, also known as Critical Theory, was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western “fascistic” culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnic identity, convention and conservatism.

Not mentioned but instrumental and on the scene was Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), who studied psychology and sociology at the University of Frankfurt (aka The Frankfurt School) in Germany and became director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932. Drawing on the quackery of Freud, Lasswell, Leonard Doob and others, Lewin examined the psychology and power of suggestion created by stimuli and stimulus situations.

Lewin came to the U.S. in 1933 as one of Frankfurt School’s “Jewish refugees” and set up the Harvard Psychology Clinic that originated the propaganda campaign to turn the American public against Germany and involve the U.S. in World War II.

In the period before the U.S.’ entrance into WWII, Roosevelt sent Gen. William Donovan to London for indoctrination before setting up the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA. The entire OSS program, as well as the CIA, has always worked by guidelines set forth by the Tavistock Institute. Levin, then at MIT, partnered with Tavistock. Toward the end of the war, Tavistock personnel took over the World Federation of Mental Health. Other collaborators were the Stanford Research Institute, Rand, and the Institute for Social Relations.

We need to do a standalone post on Henry Murray, but in the meantime Wikipedia gives clues. He was a heavyweight in mind control and brainwashing, and he came from a wealthy New York bankster family. Murray is also noteworthy in popular culture for his links to future domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski, who Murray subjected to a set of controversial, psychologically damaging experiments from 1959 to 1962.

Hajo Holburn was yet another refugee from Germany who was quickly elevated to professor of History at Yale.

Langer himself was a practitioner of Orwellian newspeak. His forte was deep-sixing and hiding history. One of the purposes of Winter Watch is to uncover hidden history obfuscated by hacks like Langer. He and his minions used time-tested tools of distortion, dueling narratives, one-sided use of sources and hiding perpetrators behind passive sentences, topped off by outright dishonesty.

With the help of other scholars during the 1930s, Langer completely revised the “Epitome of History” by German Scholar Karl Ploetz. Langer’s massive work was published in 1940 under the title “An Encyclopedia of World History.” Its fifth edition in 1972 was the last to be edited by Langer.

He was a notorious and early neocon and has been anointed the “expert” on the topic of “nonintervention” sentiments (dubbed “isolationism”) of most Americans leading up to the world wars. Here’s part of the intro to his “Challenge to Isolation” propaganda piece. The objective was to convert America’s good, peace-loving society into the nasty warmonger military-industrial-surveillance bankster state we’ve seen since.

Langer served as president of the American Historical Association in 1957.

Besides revising and distorting history, Langer was a fanboy of psychological operations and the crackpottery of Sigmund Freud. Freud was a gamer who projected his own self-confessed toxic shame onto others. Little wonder that a psychopath like Langer jumped on board. One can get the flavor of this from an address delivered at the annual dinner of the American Historical Association the Statler Hotel, New York City, Dec. 29, 1957. –

“Personally, I have no doubt that the “newest history” will be more intensive and probably less extensive. I refer more specifically to the urgently needed deepening of our historical understanding through exploitation of the concepts and findings of modern psychology. And by this, may I add, I do not refer to classical or academic psychology which, so far as I can detect, has little bearing on historical problems but rather to psychoanalysis and its later developments and variations as included in the terms “dynamic” or “depth psychology.”

In the course of my reading over the years, I’ve been much impressed by the prodigious impact of psychoanalytic doctrine on many, not to say most, fields of human study and expression. Of Freud himself, it has been said that “he has in large part created the intellectual climate of our time.”

And he did so “almost alone” remarked a recent writer in the Times Literary Supplement. “He revealed the deepest sources of human endeavor and remorselessly pursued their implications for the individual and society.”

Once the initial resistance to the recognition of unconscious, irrational forces in human nature was overcome, psychoanalysis quickly became a dominant influence in psychiatry, in abnormal psychology and in personality study. – end quote

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