Two nights ago, a commenter named “Raydee8” engaged me with her concerns and questions as to how “thousands of people don’t come forward” in the post staged-deception events when real casualties don’t show up at hospitals or are not handled by first responders, etc. This was the core of her challenge. The full comment exchange can be read here:

Winter Watch –

But why has nobody ever come forward on their own? I think I would have said something had I worked at a hospital that should have had dozens of gunshot victims admitted to it, but didn’t, and I’m certain everyone I personally knew would be asking me about it, and had I told them, then one of them would have come forward. I think if I had worked at the Cielo Vista Walmart on the day of the shooting and nobody had been shot that day, I would have said something, or would have said something to the several people I knew that would have asked me, and one of them would have said something….I don’t think you grasp the enormity of the fact that nobody has ever come forward ever.

I gave a series of responses that partly addressed the challenge, one being that hospitals are big institutions and that there are isolated wings and sections that 95% of the rest of the hospital knows nothing about. I addressed the occurrence of drills in conjunction with events and how those conflate with the deceptions. Ole Dammegard has covered this operational stagecraft factor as well as anyone. Although banned on YouTube, he still has his own site.

One of my responses to Raydee8:

You keep mentioning hospitals. My ex wife was the EMT director at an urban hospital. I am therefore familiar with the layouts, and they are huge with quite isolated sections/wings. 90% or more of the personnel might not have any idea what is transpiring in other wings. At Boston there were armed guards controlling the scene and access. They also ran fake bomb scares to clear regular staff out.

In the Brussels bombing in 2016, I know they used a section of the airport that was closed for repair and remodel. So in reality, there was nobody there “to come forward.”

I also addressed the numbers involved:

IT IS NOT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! These are much smaller compartmentalized operations. There was a drill in the mall. At Vegas deep fake CGI was used to convey the IMPRESSION of large casualties. Stagecraft is what they do – that includes cut outs, false personas, CGI images, astroturfing, grainy film and photos, the occasional crisis actor or vague impression interview with a non actor that doesn’t reveal much, or reveals poor information.

Ultimately, I told Raydee:

I can’t recap all my work personally with you, start dissecting my many posts on the topics for the methods.

But then I endeavored to address the heart of her question: that people would have addressed the lack of casualties and strange protocol of handling post-event casualties. Those of us who have followed these events closely in the last seven years know that indeed many people have mentioned such aspects.

When I went to locate some good video examples, I came to the shocking realization that they are entirely scrubbed on YouTube. Most are missing on the alternatives to YouTube, like Bitchute, as well. It’s like playing poker with an opponent who claims he has three aces, and won’t show you his cards.

I thought to myself that maybe Raydee8 wasn’t necessarily just a troll. No wonder Raydee8 is a pajama person asking what many of us with a more institutional memory and knowledge consider poorly informed questions. But if she is not an old hat and is new to this, the evidence she needs to see is relegated to the memory holes. If she, or someone like her, returns here to have a reasoned conversation and doesn’t engage in gaslighting, I ask you to treat them with civility.

Torchy and I were talking about searching for and restoring memory-holed videos, but many are nowhere to be found online due to the censorship purge. We fear it will be a monumental task. Readers are asked to submit the evidence addressing this in comments and we will start a collection.

At Sandy Hook, no EMT responders ever entered the school and they sat outside the parameter in response vehicles. No evacuation helicopters landed, and the largest trauma hospital took no patients. A police medic, not a physician, initially declared that all alleged victims dead on the scene, with no wounded. There was a well done documentary detailing this, but when I looked for it to share with Raydee8, I discovered that it is scrubbed, and I believe some time ago. Whether it is mirrored on one of the non-YouTube platforms, I don’t know. It would require some creative searching.

The leading researcher into Sandy Hook details, Wolfgang Halbig, has been hounded offline and subjected to slap suits. His work is hard to find now, effectively memory holed. Oddly, I am seeing more of this as when I searched for a story about Halbig of late.

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