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During his party’s years in government, Aodhan O’Riordain’s Labour decimated Ireland’s hospitals, its schools and its young people.

The cruel party increased hospital waiting lists, slashed teacher’s wages and delighted in making young Irish people emigrate.

Now, as the party tries to shoe its way in to an inevitable Sinn Fein led far left government, Labour have come out fighting. Not fighting against the injustices that they imposed over the course of the past decade, but rather against the injustices of the Protestant built Magdalene Laundry System, which the Irish State profited from until the 1980s.

For Aodhan O’Riordain, the tens of thousands of women and children that his party forced into homeless shelters are rather irrelevant, since they cannot be used as a stick to beat the church with. In an ironic twist, the church has been largely responsible for trying to clean up O’Riordain’s party’s mess, with establishments like the Capuchin Day Centre regularly feeding thousands of people per day in Dublin.

In a frightening and unhinged speech today at Labour’s Party Conference, Ryan was close to foaming at the mouth as he screamed ‘GET THEM OUT!’ about Catholics.

He also claimed that he would impose a referendum against the church’s involvement in providing public services.

Irish Catholics better prepare for what is coming when these people get back in to power.

Labour know that the homeless crisis, the trolley crisis and the problems in education are completely of their doing and they are not going to allow that narrative to take route.

This same shrewd attitude was behind their unsuccessful efforts to remove History from Irish schools, lest anyone read about the horrific impact of their pro IMF ideology in the years to come.

They are going to come first for our schools, then for our churches, then for us. We have seen this story play out in Spain, China and countless others in the past century.

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