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As purveyors of cynical right wing clickbait, The Burkean has taken excessive interest in the nation’s burgeoning black (queer) art scene. 

From a left-wing microgallery sucking up generous amounts of state funding, to BLM inspired art collectives allegedly playing fast and loose with their GoFundMe donations, we remain glued to the content creation of our sassy cultural colonisers.

With this understood, imagine our glee when we stumbled upon the latest offering fromour Afro-queer community in the form of  Bla-Q, an unapologetically queer celebration of Black folk here in Ireland.”

A product of the arts collective OriginsEile, ‘Bla-Q’ is a postering and photography campaign highlighting the contributions of Afro-queer folk to Irish history, existing both on and offline. 

Consisting of rather narcissistic photoshoots with members of the black queer community, the exhibition has been creatively assisted by RTÉ presenter Zainab Boladale and the production firm Goldmouth media.

Following on from the BLM postering campaign of 2020, those passing through Dublin city may have already seen some of these posters dotted around, likely adjacent to the many homeless Gaels savouring their white privilege. 

In short if you’re wondering why out of focus photographs of African homosexuals have appeared in your parish you can blame these folks.

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