That’s according to a risk-benefit analysis done by risk-benefit expert Dr. Toby Rogers. His analysis has been viewed by over 22,000 readers. No mistakes were found. Nothing but praise.

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Dr. Toby Rogers writes a popular substack looking at risk benefit issues. His credentials are described here.

In a recent article that I hope everyone will read or at least skim, he concluded: “So, to put it simply, the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus. For every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by the shot.”

That’s stunning. Read it again. We kill 117 kids to save one kid.

Not surprising to me. It’s consistent with the scientific peer-reviewed literature such as the Kostoff paper which concluded:

In plain English, people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions! This demographic is the most vulnerable to adverse effects from COVID-19. As the age demographics go below about 35 years old, the chances of death from COVID-19 become very small, and when they go below 18, become negligible.

The Walach paper found the same thing. It has now been re-published in

Science, Public Health Policy and the Law which is a peer-reviewed medical journal. The Walach paper appears in this issue along with a scathing editorial by the journal editor talking about how the paper authors were mistreated by the scientific community. James Lyons-Weiler wrote, “Either way, the authors of the latest paper in Science, Public Health Policy, & the Law (Walach et al.) have been caught, like grist in the mill, in a nonsensical, convoluted torture session in which their detractors have broken all logic and reason on the question of how society renders causal inference between vaccine exposure and serious illness or death.” James would love to debate anyone who disagrees with his editorial, but nobody wants to talk about it.

They don’t really care how many kids they kill from the vaccines. It just doesn’t matter. Their sole focus is on saving kids from dying from COVID, regardless of how many kids have to be killed from the drug. All-cause mortality is ignored entirely even though Pfizer’s own study showed 4X the deaths from cardiac arrest in the group that got the drug.

Even though there were 20 deaths in the group that got the vaccine vs. 14 deaths in the group that got the placebo, they can simply write that off as “not statistically significant.” In other words, the data does show that the drug does kill more people than it saves, but the study was never powered to measure that. So they can say “nobody knows” as long as they can keep fooling everyone to believe that the VAERS data is unreliable (which it isn’t which I address in detail here).

Over 22,000 people have read Toby’s analysis and nobody came up with a better estimate or a material error in his analysis. There were nothing but compliments on the quality of the analysis. In particular, nobody from the CDC or FDA pointed out any errors.

Here’s the background…

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