By Ethan Huff  – News Target –

The central German city of Weimar is no longer publishing data on residents who die from or have to be hospitalized because of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” because the extremely high numbers are fueling the narrative of the “corona deniers.”

According to reports, Weimar does not want people who oppose or even just question with healthy skepticism the “safety” and “effectiveness” of Chinese Virus injections, which is why it decided to embrace a new policy of anti-science that exchanges reality for fantasy.

By no longer publishing the statistical facts about Fauci Flu shot injuries and deaths, Weimar is attempting to create the illusion that all is well with the jabs. Peter Kleine, Weimar’s mayor, publicly announced that it is in the best interests of public health to no longer report the truth.

“We want to be as transparent as possible in our number report,” Kleine stated. “However, the indication of the people who are treated with vaccination in the hospital clearly distorts reality and thus plays into the hands of corona deniers and opponents of vaccination.”

“I would like to emphasize that it is actually the case at the moment that a lack of vaccination protection tends to lead to serious courses in the hospital,” he further added without any proof to back this claim.

Kleine went on to claim that “fully vaccinated” Germans are “usually not” treated for the Chinese Virus, and that counting those who do have to be treated “distort[s]” the facts.

“We want to avoid creating a false impression and have therefore decided not to indicate the number in the future,” he added.

Two days after making its announcement, Weimar removed it from website

Thankfully, there are websites like that will continue to track injuries and deaths caused by Fauci Flu shots even if the government refuses.

There is also a small possibility that Weimar has changed its mind about reporting the facts, seeing as how the city’s website was scrubbed just two days after the announcement was published.

Now, it is no longer stated there that Weimar will not be reporting hospitalizations and deaths caused by “Operation Warp Speed” injections. Does this mean that the city will continue to report them after all?

The official narrative surrounding Chinese Virus injections does, in fact, appear to be crumbling, so it would not be a shock if Kleine reversed course in an attempt to save face.

Crazier things have happened, and in the age of covid, nothing seems off the table as far as reconstructing the narrative goes. We have seen governments go from masks to no masks, back to masks, back to no masks, etc.

We have also seen claims about what the so-called vaccines do change from merely minimizing infection to stopping the spread to you need to get jabbed or you are going to kill grandma.

The narrative is all over the place, in other words, as are the politicians pushing Covidism on their constituents. How much longer will covid last before the entire world figures out that it is all just a sham?

“I tend to find that the vax has led to MORE fear and panic than before and everyone is only living for their boosters,” one Natural News commenter wrote about what she has been observing lately.

“I would rather die of a gunshot wound than allow myself to submit to what they, led by Fauci, represent.”

The Branch Covidians are scrambling to obscure the truth about Chinese Flu shots before a critical mass of the general public figures out the ugly truth about them. 

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