In July, about four to six months after western governments instituted aggressive jab campaigns for the masses, younger populations experienced a dramatic increase in excess deaths. Death rates from Covid for those under 45 are quite low, and excess deaths are small in older populations.

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excess deaths

deaths during a particular period above the usual, expected number of deaths under normal conditions, which can show the effect of something like a disease or harmful event.

Indeed, excess deaths started to appear about four months after the trajectory of Covid jabs and follow a similar parabolic assent. There is also strong correlation to the second dose. The causation is obvious to all but fuzzy thinkers.

This sets the stage for a major hit over the next several months on 2.4 million military younger personnel and 3 million federal civilian employees, who are being mandated by President Biden’s executive order to take the jabs.

Australian Navy Stats: In 31 years, there have been 317 cases of myocarditis among service personnel. From Jan. 1 to Sept. 28 of this year, there were 1,113 cases of myocarditis, a three-fold increase.

ONS mortality data for England and Wales from May 1 to Sept. 17 shows significant excess deaths, particularly among those in the 15- to 19-year-old age group. Depending on the baseline chosen, excess deaths for 15 to 19 year olds is between 16% and 47% above expected levels (see Table 1 and 2). Covid-19 deaths were too small in number to account for this excess. A disproportionate number of these excess deaths were male.

This next graph shows excess mortality in Scotland:

In the scamdemic tyranny stronghold of Australia, excess mortality figures haven’t been released for 15 weeks!

Next, we have a surge in ER admissions in Germany — for patients ages 20 to 39 in particular, as well as under 20.

If this was undiagnosed cancer or heart disease caused by lockdown neglect, you would see it reflected in the older population first, but that’s not the case.

Causation is said to be the spike proteins that are causing mitochondrial dysfunction and platelet activation. Curiously, sales of Pfizer’s drug for myocarditis treatment, called Vyndamax, are up 77% in the U.S. alone. This is no cowinkydink. I would propose there may also be causation from mask wearing injury.

Studies now show the incidents of excess myocarditis and pericarditis increases significantly following the second dose of both the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA jabs. Myocarditis is serious and accounts for 45% of all heart transplants in the U.S.

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