Big Pharma will earn billions in profits this 2nd pandemic year; projected to be $16 billion for Moderna this year 2021 and $38.7 billion in 2022, as a startup vaccine maker.  Pfizer’s RNA vaccine is expected to $54.5 billion in 2022, says the drug industry resource Fierce Pharma.

Lew Rockwell – By Bill Sardi –

Big Pharma has the world by the tail, able to make an RNA vaccine for a variant viral strain overnight and put it on the market with no advertising, using public health officials “vaccinate or die” sales pitch, or the false Executive Order for a vaccine mandate, issued by paid-off politicians.

The well-publicized fear of dying of Covid-19 is countered by the fact 99% of the infected got well on their own. In fact, a report issued by Children’s Health Defense indicates 81 research studies confirm natural immunity to Covid is “equal” or “superior” to vaccine immunity.

That Covid-19 is surging in the most vaccinated counties in the USA is good for business!  Sell the booster shots.  Invent a vaccine that doesn’t prevent disease nor does it halt its spread, it just creates more reliance upon vaccines and booster shots for mutant strains that occur with greater frequency among the vaccinated.

Big Pharma has control of the news media and has paid off politicians.  The world is now Big Pharma’s oyster.

The little problem Big Pharma faces, while it is busy counting its profits, is that its products don’t work, and even kill.  In fact, selling known risky products without warnings could be classified as manslaughter.

The fact agents of the Defense Intelligence Agency were aware of the so-called deadly virus more than a month before any officials in the Chinese government knew suggests premeditation and collusion between government and industry.

And you don’t have to have Big Pharma’s fingerprints on the deaths.  Politicians can pull the trigger with vaccine mandates.  Intelligence agencies are penetrating news sources and turning medical disease reports into propaganda.

Vaccination: it’s illogical

If numbers only confuse you, maybe logic will undo the crossed wires about the pandemic.  Forget statistics, the panic of the pandemic has no logical basis.  As one nurse recently asked: “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?”

The credo to vaccinate to protect others is illogical.  It is like saying you should wear a rain coat so others don’t get wet.

Save 1 life, kill 15

According to a report at Global Research, for every 1 life that the RNA Covid-19 saves, 15 people die from the vaccine.  Only 1 death is spared per 22,000 vaccinated individuals.  An estimated 150,000 Americans died from the vaccine and 10,000 lives were saved.

But to Big Pharma these are just numbers, not dead people.  With no liability for their deadly products, who is to care?

More to come

And there is more to come.  A Covid-19 vaccine creator suggests this toxic RNA technology now be used to take on 12 more infectious diseases.  More hell on Earth.

The numbers mislead

There is sleight of hand that Big Pharma uses to portray its prescription drugs that gain approval from the Food & Drug Administration that relies upon 45% of its budget from the drug industry, and is almost never revealed by paid-off news media that derive advertising dollars from the pill pushers.  Doctors complicitly play along with the fraud to keep their waiting rooms full.

Just create the data

Big Pharma has been issuing misleading data for decades now, none greater than the cholesterol theory of heart disease.

For decades now, the statin drug/cholesterol scam has been founded on the statistical misrepresentation that these liver-toxic statin molecules (enzyme inhibitors) reduce the risk for a heart attack by a third.

Hard numbers vs relative numbers

That is a relative number.  Over a 5-year period maybe 3 in 1000 adults will experience a heart attack, and the statins drop that number to 2.   3 minus 2 = one third (33%), but in hard numbers that is only 1%.  And this multi-billion-dollar medicine only prevents non-mortal heart attacks!

It takes 217 healthy adults to swallow statin pills for 5 years for 1 to benefit, which is the so-called number needed to treat (NNT).

With all of this known to medical reporters, we get more of the same.  Today we read in the news headlines that “Taking Statins Could Slash Your Risk Of Dying From Covid By Up To 12%” says John Ely, reporter for The Daily Mail.

But when we examine the data carefully, there were 963,876 subjects in a retrospective study; 169,642 statin drug users and 794,234 non-users; 765 statin users and 1,780 of the non-users died of Covid (that is, if you can believe the PCR nasal swab test that produces many false positives) over a 9-month period in 2020.  But there is no argument, they died of something, which is called all-cause mortality.

765 of 169,642 statin drugs users = 0.0045% or 4.5 in
1000 died of Covid.

1780 of 794,234 non-statin drug users = 0.0022% or 2.2 in 1000 died of Covid

In hard numbers, the authors of the study published in the Public Library of Science Journal (PLoS) stated: “mortality was not statistically significant” between the two groups.  That never got into print.

Authors of the study pointed to two more demonstrative studies that allegedly showed a 30% reduction in Covid fatalities.  But upon further investigation, the first study published in the journal Diabetes & Metabolism (2021) concluded: “no significant reductions in either in-hospital mortality or Covid-19 severity were reported among statin users;” and the second study, a metanalysis of four studies comprised of 8,990 patients “suggested a reduction in fatal or severe disease by 30%” but pulled the same statistical trick of using relative numbers.

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