A pharmacy in New Zealand is handing out ‘blue pills’ in the form of jellybeans to reward people for getting vaccinated.

Yes, really.

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“Absolutely losing my shit over the Truly Enormous plastic wrapped single jellybean they gave me for getting my second dose,” posted Twitter user @thefleetislate.

Comparisons to the Matrix movie were quickly forthcoming.

Others compared the jellybean reward to a human dog treat for good behavior.

However, most of the responses in the thread were filled with infantalized adults who sounded like children begging to get their hands on the sweet treat.

Proving her woke credentials, in her bio, the woman who celebrated getting the blue pill can’t even bring herself to call New Zealand by its actual name – she calls it by the Maori name of Aotearoa.

Presumably because saying ‘New Zealand’ is racist or something.

Health authorities really know how to take the piss, don’t they?

As we previously highlighted, in an effort to encourage normies to take the shot, the CDC literally used a stylized version of the NPC meme.

The NPC meme, named after non-player characters within video games, is supposed to symbolize unthinking drones who just regurgitate whatever the establishment feeds them.

How appropriate.

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